We Found a LEGIT Way to Make Free Money on Sports Without Losing Your Own

So I was eating dinner, by myself, scrolling through the Instagram, throwing out some likes and tossing around some views, while shoving enchiladas into my mouth, when one of those annoying Instagram App Ads actually caught my eye.  Instead of scrolling right past it to watch the next videos of college students proving they need to find Jesus by bonging a four loko or making out with multiple people at once, I stopped to give the piece of advertisement a look.  It was for an app called WinView, and it’s basically a professional sports interactive experience app based on winning money from making correct predictions of the game in real time.

I almost didn’t download it because I was certain that it was just an easier to use gambling app that just updated the spreads and money lines faster than the rest of them, and also had a pretty good live betting option as well.  I wasn’t really interested in a way to lose all my money faster.  If I was going to gamble, I would want it to be by the natural way of a long painful death throughout the game where everything goes exactly opposite of how I betted on it, not minor shots to the bank account every few minutes.  However, the advertisement for the WinView app said it was 100% free to win real cash, so I thought might as well and clicked on it, thinking it was going to cost like $5.00 to download once the App Store loaded.  The little box read “Get” meaning it was free so I tapped it and gave it a download.


Once she finished, I opened her up and, surprisingly, I just signed up with Facebook and was not asked, in any way, to give the app credit or debit card information.  I was good to go, and the app just brought me right into a tutorial of how to play and win cold hard cash.  The way it works is that you join a lobby of 19 other players for either a quarter of football or basketball, or an inning of baseball at a time and make predictions to win points to beat everyone else in the lobby by gaining the most points throughout the quarter or inning.  The app will give you prediction situations, such as will the Lakers make their next shot or will the Chiefs get a first down on this drive, where you pick yes or no.  That’s basically all you have to do.  Obviously, it’s a little more complicated with some predictions have multipliers if they’re more likely not to happen, you have to win tickets in free lobbies to join money lobbies, most of the payouts for winning are under $8 bucks, and other things like that.

But the point is and the jist of the situation is, I’ve been doing this for 4 days and have made over $40 bucks.  All you need to do is set up a pay pal account with a secure email address to cash out; it’s that easy.  It’s 100% legit as well because WinView is sponsored by professional teams like the Wizards, Capitals, and others because again the hope is that people watch more professional sports games and drive the ratings up while they make predictions.  If you’re watching the game anyway, you might as well hop on WinView and make some cash while you’re at it.

P.S. WinView, if you’re reading this, maybe you could wet our noses a little bit for all this free advertising we so generously gave you.



The Knights Undeafted Reign on the NHL finally came to an end

Whatever, it’s not a big deal that the Knights finally slipped up and lost a game.   Everyone loses, it’s hockey in the NHL.  It’s a grimy and grueling 82 game schedule with ups and downs at every stop along the road to the Cup.  Sure it would’ve been nice to keep the win streak up, maybe break the 76-77 Canadiens record of 132 points in a season, be the first expansion team ever in the playoffs, murder every team that gets in our way throughout the postseason, and then win the Cup on a game 7, overtime, top shelf, one-timer from James Neal to deny Ovechkin and the Capitals their one real chance at finally winning it all, but I mean its not like I have the whole season planned out or anything.

I’m not in the least bit worried about Vegas, because they had the best start for an expansion team in NHL history at 3-0, James Neal is currently 2nd in the NHL in goals, and they still have 5 games left on their home stand.  There’s absolutely no reason to freak out over this loss.  They’ve won two games on late 3rd period goals and put an offensive plethora on display in the franchise’s emotional home ice opener, and then still were leading the Red Wings 3-2 going into the 3rd last night before the exhaustion finally caught up with them.  Look for The Golden Knights to bounce back Sunday against Boston.

Also the loss wasn’t all bad either.  This loss showed the world that the person who runs the Las Vegas Golden Knights official twitter account (@GoldenKnights) is most likely… clinically insane.

I’m guessing the person is eithet David Blane showing his true colors behind the disguise of social media because nobody in real life is that monotone and emotionless or McGregor and Mayweather just used a few million of their winnings to claim ownership on the Twitter account to practice writing with their illerate and CTE brains.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights Can’t Stop and Won’t Stop

Undefeated in franchise history.  One of the only 3-0 teams left in the NHL.  James Neal for the Hart.  Marc-Andre Fluery for the Vezina.  I can’t get enough of the Las Vegas Golden Knights because, simply, they’re the best sports on television right now even with the NFL season in full swing and cold crispness of October playoff baseball.  Nothing’s even close to this beauty that is the rag tag, first year expansion team, where every cold blooded Knight has a huge fuckin’ chip on their shoulder for being let go by their former team, and that’s what’s bringing them together to give them this chemistry and heart that’s taking over the hockey world.  Every game for them has been electric and unmatched by any other team in the league.

Game 1: The Knights move into the 3rd period down 1-0 to the Dallas Stars, one of the best teams in the West, and James Neal puts the team on his back to score two goals, including the falling down, from the knee game winning dagger all with less than 10 minutes left in the game.  By the way, Marc-Andre Fluery quietly saved 45 shots to put Vegas in a position for the win.

Game 2: Coming off the first win in franchise history, the Knights got down early to a bad Arizona Coyotes team in the first, but were fortunately able to hold that 1 score deficit until 1:12 left in the 3rd when the ice rose off the floor and injected itself into Nate Schmidt’s veins when he ripped the unassisted goal to tie it up and get to OT.  Naturally, the only person with a game winning goal in the Vegas Golden Knights’ history gets it done in just over 3 minutes into OT.  James Neal baby.  BACK TO BACK game winners for the coyote killer himself.


Game 3: Their first ever home game was preceded by a 45 minute memorial for the victims and heroes of the Las Vegas shooting tragedy that happened only a few short days ago.  The memorial between the city of Las Vegas and its first ever professional sports team showed how sports are a magical phenomenon that can bring any two to any two million people together to forget about the pain of the world and unite together for a common cause of winning something for the community.  Sports are the best.  The momentum, love, and courage spewed out from the memorial and all its figures carried right into the hockey game, when Vegas put down 4 goals in just over 10 minutes, including a no look snipe into the side pocket of the goalie.  Needless to say, they dominated every aspect of the game from start to finish to give Vegas their first home sports win in history.

The Golden Knights are the most fiery, nastiest, feistiest, and scrappy team in the NHL, which are all the characteristics you want out of your hockey players.  They’re rivals of every team in the league, and will be out for blood every night.  Watch out for the Knights’ slaying  benders and saving Ws because someones going to have to kill them before any player on that team gives up.

Friday at Home vs the Red Wings, get excited, get hard, be ready.