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*UPDATE* Naturally, the Camper Guy is Selling Drugs to Minors.

🚨Breaking News🚨 there's a 100% chance camper dude is selling drugs to kids out of his camper! — Connor (@TheAlphaTwin) October 20, 2017 What a world we all live in.  One day you could just be living out of your camper on the side of the street, the next your stealing boxers from 20-year-old college dudes, then all of

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What’s up, I’m Jeremiah

I am a living, breathing chode, you don’t even need to ask, you know where the beef is at. Being short obviously has its setback, like women being taller than me, but I’m a godly little spoon.  So all of you are probably wondering who this sexy beast is, and he goes by the name of Jeremiah Wait.  I come

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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Week 5 in the NFL Season either went one of two ways for each and every viewer out there.  There was absolutely no middle ground with some ups and some downs for fans this week, just diarrhea dumpster fires or ascents to your 72 virgins in heaven.  Everything went exactly your way and the crashing and burning never seemed to

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