Next Man Up: Brett Hundley

For all of those Packers fans out there, I am with you.  When Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone against the Minnesota Vikings, my aspirations of the Packers reaching the Super Bowl, winning the NFC North, and having a possible MVP season with Aaron Rodgers flashed before my eyes.  After watching the rest of the game with Brett Hundley in at quarterback, my hope definitely wavered a little bit.  But, before all of us Packers fans lose hope and say that this season is a lost season, lets just hold up a little bit.  Now I understand, every news source out there doesn’t really give us a chance at making the playoffs, or winning the NFC North without Aaron Rodgers.  Without Aaron, it’s going to be a lot harder, but let’s not forget, the Packers have had to do this before in 2013, and with a little bit of luck and timely wins, were able to win the NFC North.  Now once upon a time, Aaron Rodgers backed up another quarterback with the name Brett, who was a pretty damn good quarterback.  Just like Hundley has done behind Rodgers, Aaron backed up Brett Favre for three years before becoming the starting quarterback.  So even though an injury is the reason why Hundley is starting now, he is in the same boat as Aaron Rodgers once was, and look how Aaron Rodgers has turned out, the GOA.  Being behind Aaron for three years, Hundley has definitely became a better quarterback, and head coach Mike McCarthy has a track record of grooming quarterbacks, like Matt Hasselbeck with the Packers, Aaron Brooks with the Saints, and you could even say Alex Smith with the 49ers.  Mike McCarthy knows what he is doing, and he is definitely going to simplify the game plan for Brett Hundley.  Brett isn’t going to have the same type of control as Aaron had running the offense, but that doesn’t mean our offense can’t be successful.  Even though Brett has never started in a regular season game, I really love his moxy.  As Brett Hundley said to reporters,” I’ve been doing this my whole life,” “Aaron’s a Hall of Famer, and I want to be a Hall of Famer one day. I will lead this team. We’re all going to have fun, we’re all going to go out there and play football. It’s still football at the end of the day, and our goals are still in front of us.”  Like, who doesn’t love that?!  Hundley deserves to be this confident and he isn’t just saying this because it’s the right thing to say.  Hundley has succeeded wherever he has been.  At UCLA, when he became the starting quarterback against Rice, his first play at quarterback resulted in a 72 yard TD run.  He then led UCLA to 3 straight nine plus win seasons.  Even though us Packer fans have been spoiled with longevity at quarterback, there’s no need to panic, because Brett Hundley is going to do just fine, and the Packers are going to find a way to win the North!  This Sunday, with a weeks worth of preparation, Hundley is going to have a coming out performance like Dak Prescott did against the Giants last year, and is going to solidify his hold as a very good starting NFL quarterback, and get the Packers a 1st round draft pick next year because the Jets, Browns, 49ers, or some other crappy team that really needs a quarterback is going to trade for him.  Packers will get the dub this week against the Saints, 31-21, and Hundley is going to throw for 335 yards and 3 TD’s.  GO PACK GO!


R-E-L-A-X: Ben Roethlisberger is old, but so is Tom Brady

The only team in the NFL that can say their defense is actually their offense is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jaguars are leading the NFL in takeaways with 15, and have 5 more takeaways than their closest competition.  Besides leading the league in takeaways, they’ve basically scored a defensive touchdown in every game, so they can thank their 3-2 record on their defense, I mean their offense.  Now, for everyone out there that says that Ben Roethlisberger, aka “Big Ben” is washed up, just shut up already.  If you are from, espn, cbsports,, or any other person that feels Big Ben is done, if you have a comment that you want to say about him, just shove it down your throat and keep it down there.  Every great quarterback has had at least one bad game, even the greatest quarterback of all-time Aaron Rodgers has had bad games, even though his worst INT game is 2.  But the likes of Drew Brees has thrown 5 INT’s in a game, Tom Brady, who everyone nuts over, has thrown 4 INT’s in a game, and Peyton Manning threw 4 INT’s in a game, without even completing more than 5 passes.  We will save the likes of the Josh McCown’s, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, and etc., because they aren’t even close to being in the great QB category.  So what, Big Ben may be 35 years old, but he has one of the most explosive offenses in the league.  Before his 5 INT shit show against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he had a respectable 6 TD to 2 INT ratio.  Was anyone talking about Big Ben a week ago and him being washed up?  NO, and if you were, you were just going off of the fact that he almost hung up his cleats after last year and his 13th year.  The Steelers have arguably the two best position players at their respective positions, in Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell.  They also have a very legit deep threat in Martavis Bryant, and very under the radar inside WR’s in JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eli Rogers.  They also have cancer survivor James Connor on their team, so who doesn’t love that kid?  Their defense up until the Jacksonville game had a +6 in their turnover ratio, and with Bud Dupree, TJ Watt, Ryan Shazier, and a very young and under the radar secondary, they are definitely a top 15 defense, with top 10 potential.  They may not be a top 5 defense, but the Steelers can definitely ride their defense into the playoffs, because who is really going to beat them in the AFC North?  Once the playoffs begin, anything is possible.  So for the final time, stop saying that Big Ben is done.  He had ONE bad game, the Steelers are going to be just fine in the AFC North, and most likely will get a 3 or 4 seed in the playoffs.  Mark my words, the next game, Big Ben will have 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s, and this whole conversation of Big Ben being terrible will be OVER.

Protesting National Anthem in the NFL: GET OVER IT

In the United States, there has been many issues that have really torn our country a part.  Yes, another fucking shooting by some idiot moron.  So sad and irritating how I can go through my Twitter or Facebook feed, and almost every day, find something about another shooting.  Now, as an avid deer hunter, I’m not really for gun control, but something has got to give, because this needs to end.  Enough of my rant, the real point of this article is to discuss the never-ending saga of the national anthem in the NFL.  The most watched thing on television is not Rick and Morty or Game of Thrones, but rather, the National Anthem!  Who would’ve guessed, you’d probably have better luck winning the PowerBall then guessing that right.  When did all of this National Anthem debacle begin?  Well, up until 2009, NFL players were not forced to stand on the sidelines during the national anthem, and were probably taking a last second shit or getting that last second warm up in before the game.  Fast forward to 2016 and the lovely Colin Kaepernick, who for once, was really taking a stand on something that has not garnered enough attention prior, which is social injustices.  There have been plenty of stars that could’ve and should’ve done this, like Michael Jordan in the 90’s, Lebron in the mid 2000’s, or even Tiger Woods when he wasn’t porking girls on the side while being married, but Kaepernick risked his career and everything to take a stand on something that he believed in.  That takes some giant balls and a huge cock to take a stand against social injustices, and do so during NFL games.  Colin is a genius though, because he didn’t pay a dime for any of his t.v. time, but was able to get his point across.  When people started to bitch and complain that he was disrespecting America by being “not American” and “disrespecting the military,” they couldn’t have been more off.  He has said in basically every interview that he is not against military, I mean for goodness sakes, he’s had family members in the fucking military.  Even with people still being against him and his sitting, before Week 1 of the 2016 NFL regular season, he met with Nate Boyer (with Kaepernick in picture), a former long snapper (Connor Wears, you have a chance) and Green Beret. For those of you that don’t know, a Green Beret is a fucking bad ass mother fucker and can basically do whatever the he wants because he was in special forces.  Anyways, he met with Kaepernick and agreed with what he was doing, just wanted him to do so in a more respectful way, so that he would be respecting the military.  So, they agreed that kneeling would be acceptable and respectful.  Right then and there, this rodeo should’ve been over and I wouldn’t have to see tweets from the President of the United States on this topic, which by the way, he literally has no idea what the he is talking about.

President Trump and everyone else that was against Kaepernick and teams today that are not having their hand over their hearts for the national anthem, they are NOT AGAINST THE MILITARY AND DISRESPECTING THEM, THEY JUST WANT TO SHOW UNITY AND PEACEFULLY TAKE A STANCE ON SOMETHING THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM IN OUR COUNTRY!!   What continues to blow my mind about all of this is how the President of the United States has completely botched the whole point of these players protesting, and how it took the President of the United States saying something for the NFL as a whole to respond and do something about what Kaepernick started.  So, fast forward to the NFL in the 2017 season and every game since President Trump decided to make absolutely no sense with his tweets toward the NFL, teams and what players are doing for the national anthem is becoming too much of a spectacle, and the whole idea behind all of this is being forgotten.  The football player that began the protest that has changed the NFL is nowhere to be seen, yet, he’s the one that began all of this.  “Piggybacking” off Colin Kaepernick by the NFL is definitely an understatement, and until Kaepernick get’s another chance in the NFL, the NFL will continue to get credit for what he started.

P.S.-  I agree with everything that Colin Kaepernick started, but I still really despise him for what he did to the Green Bay Packers in the 2012 NFC Divisional Round, and in the 2014 NFC Divisonal Round in Lambeau after we had been 15 and fucking 1 that year and should’ve gotten Aaron Rodgers his 2nd Super Bowl title.


What’s up, I’m Jeremiah

I am a living, breathing chode, you don’t even need to ask, you know where the beef is at. Being short obviously has its setback, like women being taller than me, but I’m a godly little spoon.  So all of you are probably wondering who this sexy beast is, and he goes by the name of Jeremiah Wait.  I come from a very hick town in western Wisconsin called Colfax, that is said to be “in the middle of the equator and the north pole,” so that’s kind of a big deal as Ron Burgundy would say.  I didn’t fall into the trap of having a big truck like my fellow short brothers, because I didn’t need to compensate for anything (you know what I mean.)  Besides coming from a town where everyone knew everything about you, your family, and anything that you ever did in life, I have a twin sister (no, thank goodness she doesn’t look like me or she wouldn’t get very far in life), three older sisters that have provided me with 4 amazing nephews and 3 amazing nieces, and two loving parents that have always been there for me.  No, I didn’t sleep with my sisters like some of the other guys in hick towns around me for those of you who were wondering.  Enough of the lovey dovey stuff (definitely was for any of the ladies out there reading this), so a little more about me.  Like my partner on here Connor Wears, I also play football for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Yes, I know what everyone’s thinking, your like back-up long snapper or some crap.  No, I actually have a “real” football position, as I am a corner back.  Right now, I’m first team all conference IR, so no biggie (same thing as redshirting, except we don’t get paid in D3 so they had to come up with another name for it).  I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and my day literally resides on if they win or not.  I’m also a very big Wisconsin Badgers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Minnesota Twins fan.  My hobbies include:  having my hand in my pants, watching sports (football, baseball, basketball), getting SWOL, and having a good time with friends, and hitting on girls (aka, Jill, my right hand).  Definitely a very social person, so if you’re a lady out there trying to hit me up, I don’t mind if you call me daddy, but I will NOT help you with your daddy issues.  Make sure to give the good ole Twitter handle of @mrfootballwait a follow, or my very original Instagram name of jeremiahwait, and @tapdownsports on Twitter and Instagram!

Love, Jere 😉