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Sup Wisconsin?: What would Frank Gallagher do, set a blind person on fire or just himself?

Hey everyone.  As most of you know, Tap Down Sports is a home grown, cheese lovin’, beer drinking’Wisconsin through and through blog and brand.  It was started in a living room in northwest Wisconsin and spread all around the state from Eau Claire to La Crosse to Oshkosh to Green Bay and will hopefully be a household name throughout the

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If you didn’t know where in the hell Montee Ball went, don’t worry, because he’s back baby.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in Wisconsin around football, you’ve had the luxury to watch a handful of players do things on the gridiron everybody else can’t even imagine.  Obviously, Aaron Rodgers could throw a ball over the mountains and hit Lincoln’s nose on a penny waiting on the other side, Joe Thomas could pass protect a

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Monday Night Football: Packers versus Lions: Our lives can finally return to normal after a bye week.

Whoever’s idea it was to put the Packers on Monday Night Football after a bye week is either a saint of the highest, highest regards that should have a holiday named after them or a real life devil pouring battery acid into the already very open, bloody, and painful wound that is the first half of Green Bay’s 2017 season. 

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The Bucks Looked Gross Last Night Against the Thunder, But It’s Ok.

It looked like the Thunder were a nationally ranked 5th grade AAU team, like the ones LeBron’s and DWade’s kids play on, and the Bucks were a 5th grade Saturday morning, travel basketball team with Giannis being that one kid that’s already like 6’3″ and can hang with anyone because he’s basically a full grown adult at that point.  However,

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