10 Things to do This Friday, April 20th

Well as you know this shitty weather is finally starting to turn into spring as the weekend forecast calls for sunny skies and some good ole 50 degree weather.  With that comes all kinds of fun activities that you and your friends could enjoy.  So here are ten things you and your friends could do to enjoy this Friday, the fourth month of the year and it’s twentieth day.

1. Supertroopers 2

Ahhhh yes it has finally happened, via a Kickstarter program we will be getting the much awaited sequel to the comedy classic Suppertroopers.  This fun filled comedy brings back to original cast for a fight against the Canadians as they start to transition a French-Canadian town to a US one.  Who could forget classics like “Snozzberryies”


Or everyone’s favorite, The Meow Game


The sequel better be as good otherwise I’ll be upset.  Prolly won’t be upset all day Friday though tbh.

2.  Order Pizza Hut

On this day it would be critical that you receive the proper nourishment throughout the day.  Pizza Hut is doing 50% off all online ordered pizzas through the weekend!  Some super average pizza to handle all of your hunger needs.  20 bucks gets you three pies for yourself!

3.  Sit in a Circle in a Dimly Lit Room in Deafening Silence Listening to Rap Music

This one is a staple.  Just a great way to bond with your friends trying to see who’s gunna actually rap the “n word” and who’s gunna take the high road and let that lyric be.  Make sure you keep a window open for proper ventilation so you can have fresh air!

4.  Spend an Hour Trying to Figure Out Food and End Up @ Kwik Trip

Another classic older than time itself.  Argue with your friends over delivery and whatkwik-trip-foodservice-lady-885 (2) different foods you want.  “Oh Chase you want Dominos AND Insomnia? Wow hungry today!”  You’ll do this for at minimum 45 minutes and there’s a very good chance you guys lose track of the conversation and forget you even wanted food.  Lucky for you there’s never a Kwik Trip far from you.  From the hot rack to the plethora of snacks there’s something for everyone.

5.  Fortnite

fortnite.jpgA new addition this year as Fortnite has taken the country by storm.  Lose yourself for hours as you and your friends stare mindlessly at the screen.  Make sure they get in your ear when you’re top ten and they begin to microplay for you.  This one could be risky due to the heavy amounts of downtime in between games.  Don’t pass out.

6.  Stare at Your Phone for Weirdly Long Amounts of Time

Who needs conversation when you have a literal computer in your hands?!  Just spend hours cycling through Instagram, Twitter and maybe Tinder or something.  It’s all fun and games until you stop finding new tweets and are liking pics from five days ago of that cute blonde.  Sick Instagram!  I wanted to like that old ass picture!

7.  Bake Goods With Your Friends

brownieA really fun activity is making baked goods with some of your closest buds.  I personally love making my special homemade chocolate cookies.  Most people turn to brownies and I’ve known people to even make their own gummies!  Some people’s culinary skills are crazy.

8.  Take Long Drives w/ the Boys (or Girls)

This is one for some of the younger kids who just need to get away from their parent’s house.  There’s nothing better than going down back roads in the middle of nowhere , where nobody ever is, with your windows barely cracked and the bass all the way up.  Enjoy the rush of sweating when “that cars following us he’s a cop” talk starts and ride off into the sunset with your friends.

9.  Look @ Your Hands

Holy shit have you ever just looked at your hands?  Just waving back and forth almost in slow motion.  My fingers look like little sausage links.  Woah are they changing colors?  Gnarly.

10.  Smoke Some Pot, it’s 4/20 Kids

Yea yea it’s the holiday that has stoners everywhere grabbing their bongs and wraps and finest greens and oils.  Every year it seems more and more people are participating in the holiday.  Prolly has always been this popular but I guess that happens when you’re older and not going to a Lutheran High School.  So enjoy yourselves, don’t be stupid behind the wheel and nobody needs to be the hero that faces the jumbo cone.  You’re gunna pass out bub.  Stay frosty for the police, those tickets must suck.


Happy Holidayz,




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