Wisconsin Sports Report 4/18/18 and 4/19/18

Gunna double up tonight as the Brewers had a day game and there was no Bucks game.  Figured I could knock two birds w/ one stone.  The Brew Crew were great winning a pair of games last night and today to take the series from Cincinnati.  Last night in Boston however, the Bucks got toyed with to fall 0-2 in the series.

Series Shifts Home w/ Buck’s Loss

So many negatives with this team right now.  Minutes are being wasted on players who struggle to make themselves useful.  Tony Snell continues to be utter garbage as a starter horfgiann.jpgand he only was able to score one single time on only three attempts.  He played 22 minutes and managed two boards and couldn’t even get an assist.  We were blessed with Jabari Parker for an exhilarating ten minutes.  For those ten minutes we were some how -15.  Horford bullied the fuck out of him on the block and was a matchup nightmare.  This oaf was beating our guards down the floor on a fast break somehow.

Giannis shot the lights out and dropped 30 as Middleton continued to be hot and added 25 as well as being 4/6 from downtown.  Giannis continueously blows my mind with his play but my god.  If he could ever learn to shoot, it would be the scariest thing the league has seen.   Also he struggled with Jaylen Brown who went off for 30.  Rozier added 23 with eight dimes.

Shabazz Muhammad had an outstanding game tonight shooting four of eight in twelve minutes getting himself eleven on the night.  Please tell me why this guy isn’t starting over Snell?  Anything is better at this point.  Fuckin’ done. Game 3 back in MKE Friday,

4/20 lol

Brewers Steal a Pair of W’s

In an absolute slugfest last night The Crew snuck out a 2-0 win.  Junior Guerra allowed only one hit while striking out seven in shutout work through five and a third.  Sadly, due to a lack of offense Guerra would not get the decision.  It was a scoreless and boring game for the most part until the bottom of the sixth when Eric Thames dropped a two run bomb into the Milwaukee night which proved all the Brewers needed as they would finish the game 2-0.  In relief for Milwaukee, Dan Jennings got the win while only facing two batters.  Jeffress came in with the hold and it was Josh Hader grabbing another six out save while fanning three.


Today Christian Yelich returned from the DL to dazzle us with a beautiful deflection catch in the outfield.  Same shit just a different day for Milwaukee as the Brewers shut out the Reds in consecutive days.  Today it was Zach Davies getting the dub going just over six.  Jennings snagged himself a hold after his win last night and this time it was Barnes who came in and snagged himself a six out save.  Offensively it was weirdly similar as the only scoring, yet again, came off a two run Thames homer.  The Crew took this one 2-0 and move to 10-9 on the season.  Milwaukee welcomes in Miami for a four game weekend series that will feature Anderson, Chachin, Suter and Guerra on the hill.  Miami is 5-12 and are riding high off a 9-1 win over the Yankees last night.


Rodgers is…… pissed…..or not?

So this shit all started when an “anonymous source” from Yahoo Sports reported that Aaron Rodgers was growing angry with a lack of voice in the Packer’s personnel moves.  Well apparently that article can be chalked up to “fake news” as the GB QB took to Twitter responding to an article from the Packers that actually quoted Rodgers on how he only is looking for an extension on his contract not an extension into player movement.  Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.29.55 PM.png

Well I think it’s safe to say that report was false but it’s no secret that the Green Bay front office has not been retaining players just because Rodge likes them.  We did this with Favre in the mid 2000s and it didn’t work and the team went to shit for a few years.  Rodgers said it well during an interview with “The Hog” in Milwaukee basically saying players play, coaches coach and the front office does what it does.  With the draft a week away expect a full Packer draft breakdown coming soon.



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