Cover Your Ass 4/18/18

3-3 Split last night was not a terrible showing for night one being back.  Got only partial help as the Bucks got shitpumped by Boston but managed to smash the over.  Portland is in a whole hell of a lot of trouble now being down 0-2 AND heading on the road. In hockey I was 1-1 as the Caps took game three in double OT.  The LA-LV game was nowhere near the over.  Funny, after I sent in my bets I then saw a tweet from @Covers saying that in all of the games these teams faced off in the over didn’t hit one time, LOL.  Baseball saw my only bet as a winner.  Arizona snagged a 1-0 dub over the Giants in a pitching war.


Houston -10 vs T’Wolves

hardenHouston took game one of the series in a close game.  Thing was, Houston shot 27% from three and that simply won’t happen again as Harden and Co. have a ten point spread to cover.  CP3 was horrendous shooting and had six turnovers.  Expect a big night from Houston.  BLOWOUT

Jazz +5 vs Thunder AND ML +165

So game one was strange.  “Playoff P” went off for 36 and the Thunder won by eight.  Russ added 29 but and Melo 16.  The bench was outscored 34-17 and when the 2’s came in all hell broke loose.  Mithchell is an animal and should be ROY in my mind.  I see the Jazz taking this outright and then covering

Sixers -1 vs Heat

Okay D Wade, we get it ya still got something left.  Prolly not gunna do it again though as Miami took game two.  No Embid still for Philly but that won’t be a problem.  Philly shot under 20% from three last game and that again, won’t happen.  Simmons and the Sixers should take care of the Heat and take back the series.



Tonight the series is in Philly for game four of the Pens Flyers series.  This game is going to be the series deciding game.  Pittsburgh comes in as the favorite and they should be.  Philly is hurting their own players in practice for fuck’s sake.  Also expect a lotta goals tonight.  All three games thus far have hit at least six with the last two being on the nose.  If this hits it’s huge.  Big risk but huge reward.




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