Wisconsin Sports Report AKA Brewers Have Whiskey Dick

Yea it was only the Brew Crew in action tonight for game two in St. Louis. Crazy how different the lineup looks without Cain and Yelich. Things started great in the first with a Thames homer. Suter also looked capable as well going over five and surrendering a single run and four hits. The bullpen seemed to be able to hold true until the dreaded ninth inning.

In the of of the ninth Thames landed a double in the corner and was eventually brought home on a RBI knock from Santana. The Crew headed to the final half leading by one.

After Williams (who has nasty flow only matched by a nastier lip caterpillar) was yanked they went to Jacob Barnes to get the save. All of that went to shit as Barnes lost all control and brought in the tying run on a wild pitch. First blown save.

Fast forward to the top of the tenth as Orlando Arica brings in what could be yet again the game winning run with a single. Back to the bottom of the inning, enter in JJ Hoover. Bang! Before you could breathe it was blown save numero dos of the night! DOS! THATS TWO FOR YOU UNCULTURED FUCKS!

After a scoreless top of the eleventh the Brewers decided to send out this bum once again and surprise surprise, walkoff city for the Cards. Third time without Knebel that the pen has blown a one run lead. Just bad news bears.

Fuck me, game three tomorrow folks. First taste of Junior Guerra’s 2018 campaign.


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