Is Odell About to be a Patriot?

So for those of you who have tuned out the NFL for some stupid reason, there was a HUGE trade with major implications.  The New England Patriots sent a fourth round pick packaged with 24 year old receiver Brandin Cooks to the LA Rams.  In return Newcooks.jpg England received the Ram’s #23 overall pick along with a sixth rounder.  Now the Pats are left with some major holes at the receiver position but as history tells us, Tom Brady will find a way.  One rumor that instantly arose was that OBJ is valued at two first rounders and now New England has a pair of them.  Right away my thought is that there is no way Ole Bill is gunna roll the dice on a headcase like Beckham.  However, there is a really tight timetable for the Patriots to snag one or two more rings with Brady under center and the Rams are making it obvious that they are going all in on the next two years to chase a title.  The Washington Redskins v New York GiantsRams now are out of the Beckham sweepstakes and will most likely lay low until the season starts.  With the pressure from LA it could lead to some desperate moves from the front office, who have already expressed that they don’t care what Belichick thinks and will make decisions without his consent (Jimmy G).

Now looking at it from New York’s perspective.  You retain your second pick while adding two late first rounders.  You also hold the 34th pick as well.  Nothing better for a rebuild than having four of the first 34 picks.  I can’t think of a better option for this team but again, it’s a rumor and as we know the NFL is unpredictable as all holy hell.



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