Last Night I Hit Rock Bottom

Fuck ok so basically we were going downtown in Appleton and I guess it’s a thing that all the college kids go out right before Easter. So all was good and who woulda thought, I blacked the fuck out. Somewhere between hitting Jordy’s dab pen and ripping shots of J-Mo I hit a wall and the night went black.

The rest of this story is educated speculation from my sister who heard us come in at 3am. After waking my mother up from my drunk antics we calmed down and went to bed. So apparently I, at some point got up and decided to whip my dick out and piss alllllll over the carpet of my parents RENTAL. So nice of me to wait 21 years till my parents aren’t actually owning to house to relieve myself all over the carpet.

Normally, I would prolly leave it alone and not even say anything to my rents but I woke up with a little bit of bonus land (waking up drunk s/o KFC Radio) and decided to blame it on the dog. Poor Charlie got the silent treatment because I’m a fucking mess.

At least I made to to check in on the HS baseball team I used to help coach. Boys looked GOOD. Ended up giving life a fat five heave yack immediately when I got back home. Enjoys my pain, cuz I’m fuckin dead.

Happy Saturday, Go Loyola

O’Kane 🤙🏻


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