The Wisconsin Sports Report 3/28/18

So I’d like to release one of these each week day with a brief rundown of what happened the day before in the state for sports.  Without wasting anymore time here you go.


Bucks vs. Clippers Recap

Last night sucked.  Straight up.  In a 105-98 loss the Bucks saw a 34-17 run in the third quarter get blown up by only hanging up 16 points in the fourth.  The game overall was frustrating to say the least.  The first half saw Milwaukee barely keep it a game.  Timely three point shooting seemed to keep the game just within reach.  In the third quarter when Clippers guard Milos Teodosic when out with an injury, the Bucks rallied together jg_7785.jpga 34-17 run which put them ahead by four leading into the fourth.  All things started to go to shit around the time that they subbed in Boban Marjanovic, which seemed like a fucking joke.  Boban is 7’3 and is pushing three bills.  When he runs I want to stick my face in a blender, but for some fucking reason this gangly fuck found himself uncontested under the rim twice and was fouled and hit a free throw.  Twice Zeller had to help with driving guards which let this ugly bastard snag a quick five points in four minutes.  Not only did he score quickly but he instantly got the crowd into it.  With the crowd behind them the LA starters entered the game and all hell broke loose.  The Clippers would then go on a 13-0 run which would burry Milwaukee while they drilled six fourth quarter three pointers.

Giannis finished his night with 26/9/7 with five blocks.  Not a bad night, but when your team shoots 26% from three it’s going to be hard to win ball games down the stretch.  LA’s leading scorer was, ironically enough, Tobias Harris with 19 as DeAndre Jordan racked up a double double.  The worst part of the night was Jabari Parker.  Guy was 1-12 from the floor in 19 minutes and only snagged one rebound.  As a team Milwaukee had 23 combined blocks and steals.  HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN AND YOU LOSE.  It would be easy to say that every offensive drive abruptly stops when John Henson gets the ball in his hands.  Fuck it, that’s exactly what happens!!!!!  When Zeller was in, there was a good flow to the offense.  He finished with 8/5/2 with a pair of steals in only 14 minutes of play.  Seems as though he could do a lot better than Henson who only managed 8/8/2…… in 34 minutes.  Fuck this I’m rattled let’s talk Packers.  Next up for MKE is Golden State on Thursday night.  Also fuck 9:30 games while I’m mad.


Eric Ried Interest

According to some knob at CBS our beloved Packers are in the market for a Safety.  After losing Morgan Burnett to free agency, Green Bay has some options.  Naturally, second year player Josh Jones could slide into the starting roll but the Packers have now expressed interest in ex 49er Safety Eric Reid.  Reid was well known for kneeling for the hi-res-8cc3919be3a049848c88fa8c67f2abae_crop_northanthem in 2016 and 2017 but says he will remain standing in 2018.  There has been voices around the league saying that Reid is getting the same treatment Collin Kaepernick got after his contract ran out.  Reid last year for San Fran had 53 tackles and two interceptions.  He could provided much needed depth in a bleeding secondary.


Folks, we are only ONE DAY from Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  Milwaukee is out west to face off in a three game set with San Diego Padres.  Remember how I said fuck 9:30 game starts? That’s only the weekdays baby.  There is nothing better than being belly up to a bar at midnight on a Friday as Corey Knebel mows down the final three batters in the ninth.  CAN’T WAIT FULL PREVIEW TOMORROW


Wisconsin Signs 3 Star PG From Florida

Time to welcome Tai Strickland to the 2018 Badger Basketball recruiting class.  Strickland is a 6’2 guard from St. Petersburg, Florida.  He is a three star recruit and is the 5abaaa46aa7e3.image.jpg#53 ranked PG in this incoming class.  He played his high school ball alongside his fellow teammate and McDonald’s All American Kevin Knox, who just finished his Freshman season at Kentucky.  The Badgers are loaded at guards at the moment so don’t expect early playing time.   Strickland joins Taylor Currie and Joe Hedstrom in the C/o 2018.



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