Monday Night Football: Packers versus Lions: Our lives can finally return to normal after a bye week.

Whoever’s idea it was to put the Packers on Monday Night Football after a bye week is either a saint of the highest, highest regards that should have a holiday named after them or a real life devil pouring battery acid into the already very open, bloody, and painful wound that is the first half of Green Bay’s 2017 season.  On one hand, a Packer Monday Night Football game gives the Wisconsin faithful an actual reason to booze on calm November weeknight rather than the typical excuse of “fuck it,” which is an ethical win in itself.  On the other hand, they’ve held the Pack from us for over 15 days, 4 hours, and 30 minutes by the time game time rolls around causing severe withdrawals and taking away any sense of a routine that we had in our crazy lives.  School, school, school, school, drink, drink, Packers, repeat.  Bye week throws that whole schedule right threw the fucking wall and turns our whole two week period upside down.  If the Packers aren’t playing, lefts turn into rights, a.m.’s turn into p.m.’s, and nobody knows what to do with themselves.  Luckily, its all over, most of us made it through, and we can plop on the couch tonight, crack a cold one, and catch our Packers in action against the division rival Detroit Lions.

Even though it turned our lives into spin cycles, hopefully the bye week did some wonders for our spiraling downward Packers.  More time for Hundley to mesh and perfect elements of the offense.  More time for the injury report to look more like a long, grueling season rather than a nuclear bomb went off on the Packer sidelines.  Montgomery should be all healed up, DeVante Adams might actually know where he is this week, the offensive line could feature all five starters for once, and the secondary should have more than just Haha by himself back there.  Lastly, there’s more time for the staff to figure out ways to get Hundley going, while Capers can come up with a plan to stop the Lions.

Luckily for the Packers, but unfortunate for our eyes, this might be one of the ugliest football games played all season.  The Packers and Lions both come into this game in the bottom 3rd of the league in every offensive category, while their defenses are, surprisingly, some of the best in the league.  Picks, sacks, fumbles, among other gross offensive plays could fill this game from start to end, but I think that actually plays into the Packers favor.  To be honest, I don’t think the Packers could win a shootout with their offense right now.  Jordy and DeVante our showing to be too Rodgers dependent, even though they have the abilities to be top wide outs in the league without the best QB in the league.  I’m taking our chances to win in a grit fest, and just hope Stafford’s inevitable 4th quarter come back will come up short this time.  We gotta stay above 500 to have any hopes of the playoffs.  If we sink to 4-4, we might never make it out of the hole.  I know were all counting down the minutes to see what our Packers are made of, so I’ll leave you with this to make the time fly faster.



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