Drink of the Weekend: I’m Bringing it Back

I like to think Tap Down Sports is a place people of all different backgrounds can come together to smile, laugh, and be entertained through the TDS crew’s opinions and stories about the world and sports, whether that’s from our comedy or just that they find the unique way we live life particularly funny.  Regardless, I know I enjoy how we do things here, and I always want and love to see endless content from the boys as well as feedback from, the one and only, fans of the brand.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for anyone that’s had a laugh reading a Tap Down Sports blog or listening to the guys out in TDS OshVegas crack jokes about their crazy ass lives on their podcast.  Also, I would do anything for any of the guys that work here no matter what they need, even though I haven’t met half of them while others are my best friends to this day, because they’re all still my dudes.  Now that I’ve opened up my heart and put all my feelings about what Tap Down Sports and the guys mean to me out on the table… I’m 100%, absolutely, with out a single doubt still going to cuck O’Kane and give you a helluva “Drink of the Weekend” article.

If you’re a Tap Down Sports original day one, you would know that we used to be known as Balls, Sacks, & Hard Wood back in our early days.  O’Kane, our head man out at TDS OshVegas and one of the original fearsome fivesome, used to drop drink of the weekend articles every Friday for the alcoholic college students that make up 99% of our audience.  Articles about Four Lokos and Fireball filled the phone and computer screens of many every Friday afternoon as well as filled their innocent brains with ideas about what they were going to put into their bodies later that night.  Needless to say, the blogs caused many blackouts and they we’re a huge hit, but unfortunely we’re lost in the paperwork of the transition from BSHW to TDS.  BUT NOW THEIR BACK BABY, IN ALL THEIR GLORY.  Not sure how O’Kane’s going to feel about this or the faithful that are used to how he wrote them, but now that I’m 21 and can legally explain alcoholic beverages, I’m going in balls deep, full send and giving it my best shot.

Drink of the Week: Peppermint Schnapps

“Whoaaaaa, hold your horses there Connor.  Starting out with a pretty hot take on your first go around huh?”

Yes, I realize that peppermint schnapps isn’t the most conventional weekend drink, but in fact, October 31st just passed and today, November 3rd is the first Friday of…drum roll please…HOLIDAY SZN.

The temperature’s dropping, the leaves are falling, the cool winds are smacking you in the face, the football season is full go, and within the next few days, the first beautiful layer of pure white snow will be covering the earth.  It’s Holiday Season, without a doubt, and peppermint schnapps is the taste of Holiday Season.

Where do I get it?

Surprisingly, pretty much every liquor store carries a few kinds of peppermint schnapps year round?  How do I know this?  The only liquor my Dad drinks is the occasional shot of peppermint schnapps, so when it comes time for a special occasion, no matter what time of the year, he’ll go get a bottle of peppermint schnapps for his one shot.

The easiest and affordable brand to buy with also the festive color scheme bottle is Dr. McGillicuddy’s.  It’s at pretty much any liquor store near you.IMG_2534

How should I drink it?

1. Mixed with Hot Cocoa (By far the best way).  Bonus: use a candy cane stir rod too.

2. As a chilled shot.  It’s an easy to put down drink with a fine flavor of peppermint.

3. However you want!

Of course do your regular drinking thing of pounding vodka, rum, beers or whatever fits your fancy, but before you take that long, cold walk to the bars or to the nearest house party, maybe have a nice hot cocoa with a shot or two of peppermint schnapps to warm you up before the night begins.

Have a great weekend.


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