Apparently There’s an App Where You Viciously Murder People with Fidget Spinners

(Fast forward to 1:35 in the video)

Device to help attention span challenged kids divert their focus to more positive, life benefiting activities rather than horsing around and distracting themselves and others; or sadistic, flesh ripping, life ending spinner weapon used to maliciously rip apart organs and spew blood until there’s nothing but little pieces of shredded human left.  I’m not sure now after watching this gruesome video from the mobile app Bowmasters, but I’m going to have to go with my dudes the fidget spinner knowing all the nearly life ending from boredom times we made it through together.  Fidget spinners are saintly, God sent appliances that couldn’t hurt a fly, and Bowmasters should be ashamed of themselves for conceiving such a disgusting idea of using them to take lives instead of changing them for the better.  Shame on you. 

So what, I have a problem…




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