The Greatest College Football Alternate Uniforms

When I saw Ohio States alternate gray jerseys for this weekend, I got the hardest depression boner I’ve had in quite sometime. It’s #6 vs. #2… PENN STATE AND OHIO STATE. TWO OF THE MOST STORIED CFB PROGRAMS IN THE NATION AND OSU HAS TO GO AND FUCK IT UP WITH THESE STUPID ALL GRAY BULLSHIT UNI’S.

Ok, so maybe its not the end of the world, but I’m very particular when it comes to uniforms. Therefore, I’ve decided to show the world my unique taste for College Football jerseys. Check it.

  • Wisconsin Badgers (Some time in the late 90’s)


We aaaaalllllll know that Starter not only made the illest jackets in the game back in the 90’s, but they also made jerseys that were straight titties.  These Badger kits from the 90’s are evidence that Starter could do no wrong.

  • Mississippi State Egg-Bowl Uniforms (From like 2012-2015)

I’m not a big Ole’ Miss guy, Mississippi Sate guy, or SEC guy in general. But I gotta hand it to ADIDAS. I’ve never been a huge fan of any ADIDAS uniforms, but as of late the mother fuckers over there have been making some jaw-dropping, ass-clapping, stiffy-inducing works of art. These all maroon/scarlet with gold accents are gorgeous, and you could never go wrong with all white away uniforms. Love it.

  • Northwestern Blood-Stained Wounded Warrior (2014)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Americana motha fucka’

  • Eastern Michigan Alternate Green + Yellow (2016)

East Mich 2East Mich 3East Mich

First off I gotta state the obvious, NO team can go wrong with the digital clock/calculator number design. Tampa Bay did it, now Eastern Michigan is brining to the collegiate level. If I can be serious for a moment, these jerseys are actually really really nice. However, the POP out like a son of a bitch on the all-gray turf that the Eagles play on.

  • University of Louisiana- Monroe CAMO-OUT (August 28 [my birthday], 2014)

285c900798a23566d2a8f40fe4463b7fCJuYpUeUEAAAsLUNCAA Football: Wake Forest at UL Monroe TWO WORDS… FUCK YEAH!!!!!



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