The Art of The Drunk DM

As many of you may know, I love Twitter. You know what’s even better than Tweeting dumb shit ? Direct Messaging potential female companions. One of my favorite weekend activities is to get shit-housed drunk and DM a girl something stupid; I do it all the time. Waking up to a message notification on Twitter has become a common occurrence at the Nitti household.

Here’s the thing: When I sent these direct messages I was drunk, therefore it doesn’t count. Everyone knows that when you’re drunk there are #NoRules, which definitely applies to this situation. Another intriguing aspect of the drunk “hey” or my favorite, “dibs” DM is the fact that the girl will wake up and reply and be like “uhh.. hey?” and you clap back and say something like “shit, I was drunk haha… but whats up?” BOOM, instant conversation starter.

The days of sending a sappy meme or gif and “sliding” into a girl’s DM’s are over. Fuck that shit, save it for the dorks. Grow up, get drunk, and DM some smoke shows and see where it goes..

Always remember, it doesn’t count, because you were drunk.





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