Developing Story! There’s a Guy Stealing my Boxers: Part 1

I’m a simple man with simple wants and needs.  I wake up in the morning, take a shower, and maybe have a bowl of cereal.  Then I go to classes, take some tests, and try to learn a few things along the way.  After, I come back home; I try to finish my homework from the day, and grab some dinner from the cafe when I’m finished.  Lastly, I usually treat myself to a night football game or maybe some ice cream before I turn in for the night so I can repeat again the next day.  I don’t complain; I do my best; and I go through my life.  It’s pretty nice.  I like it.  All I ask is that I can wake up and put a fresh, clean pair of underwear on every morning before I start my day.  Pretty simple right?

NOPE! Can’t have that because there’s an elderly guy that lives out of his camper parked on the street, next to my house that sneaks in and swipes all my boxers while I’m asleep!  Alright, I’m cooling down.  Because believe it or not, the accusations I’m making are pretty problematic, and surprisingly, not just for the guy who’s stealing my drawers.  First of all, you can’t just accuse people of stealing your boxers due to the laws of social boundaries.  With that statement, I’m basically declaring that I’m insane enough to think that an old guy is running around lifting underwear from college students, but he does live in a camper on the street, or that I’m so self-indulged that I think I’m so special that someone would specifically want my used underwear.  Very problematic from my standpoint, and I’m sure you all understand why it’s not a good thing to be accused of stealing people’s undergarments.  Not a good look.  So naturally, were going to figure this thing out by the books.  I’ll give you all the cold, hard facts, then we’ll make some outlandish theories and plans of how he’s doing it and how were going to stop him.  Like I said, by the books.

Part 2: The Facts, coming later today…




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