The Packers are fucked, and I love it.

In 2013 Aaron Rodgers had a broken left collarbone. Sunday, in a battle against conference foe Minnesota, he broke his right collarbone, potentially excusing him from the rest of the season.

The most interesting aspect of this situation in my opinion is the question of who will be the starting quarterback next week. Although the Packers have Brett Hundley, a former 5th round draft pick from UCLA, the future of the Packer offense is looking rather bleak. Hundley didn’t do anything too impressive in his snaps during Sunday’s game, which caused Packer fans to question who the team’s quarterback will be next week, and potentially for the rest of the season. The list starts with Hundley, obviously, and ends with Tony Romo, with a few names like Tim Tebow, Robert Griffin III and even Johnny Manziel sprinkled in between.

Being a Bears fan, I find this entire situation rather amusing. It’s kind of like watching a ship with every person you fucking hate on it sink, and I’ve got front row tickets to the show.

What this situation ultimately boils down to is whether or not Hundley can find a way to solidify himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL. If not, he might as well start spending Sunday’s on his couch thumb-jacking his own ass, because I truly cannot see that guy ever starting for an NFL team. These next couple days are going to be interesting, to say the least. The list of free agents sounds more like the cast of a goddamn reality TV show than an option for a starting quarterback.

I can see it now,Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow star in “The Quest for a Quarterback: Green Bay Packers Edition”.

SPIN: What does this mean for my Chicago Bears? 

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Although we may have 10GAWD Mitchell Trubisky taking snaps and smacking ass now, he has a receiving core that rivals my little cousin Mikey’s Pop Warner team. While we may have two stud running backs, we become about as one dimensional as a team can be when our top wideout is Kendall Wright. The division is most likely going to be won by the Lions or the Vikings, maybe the Packers if Hundley figures his shit out.


Regardless, the future is bright for Mitchell and crew. #BearDown





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