The Cavs Just Took the East

Okay, that was just terrible.  I was minding my own business looking at my phone and Kevin Harlan starts screaming that Gordon Hayward has broken his leg.  Unbelievable.

Gordon Hayward

In one of the most anticipated NBA seasons in quite some time, it seemed as though there was finally a team to match the Cavs and now, just like that, the Cavs again stand alone as the Celtics will have to recover after losing one of the biggest signings of the 2017

offseason.  Now Kyrie will have to rely on a pair of young guys in Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum to help lead this Celtics team.  I still believed that the Cavs were deeper and overall more talented but now there’s just too big of a gap between these two teams that there’s no way I could see them even making it to the conference finals.  Look for teams like Milwaukee, Toronto or Washington to pressure the Celtics for that other spot in the ECF.


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