I’ve Broken the Panic Button

Yea I’m worried, you could even say I’m slipping into a deep depression.  The worst possible thing to happen to a Wisconsin sports fan has happened.  Aaron Rodgers is hurt, again.  Now yeah, sure Brett Hundley had some great numbers in the preseason but this one time during a scrimmage Junior year of High School I went 17/19 for 321 yds and 3 tuddy’s.  See, it doesn’t fucking matter.  This dude chalked up three picks on Sunday and 
aaron rodgers

looked like a virgin on prom night, nervous as FUCK.  But look, I can hope that maybe he comes around and wins like 5 or 6 games and we sneak into the playoffs but let’s be honest, we’ve been here before.  Scott Tolzien, Seneca Wallace, Matt Flynn, it doesn’t work.  2-5-1 without Rodgers at the helm and it wasn’t pretty.  Our O-Line’s broken and our defensive backfield is bleeding.  Without any sniff of a run game behind a battered line this could be a very difficult next few weeks.  You’re a fucking idiot if you don’t think I’ll be cheering hard as shit on Sundays for the green and gold but it’s just been a really hard two days and I needed to vent.  So here is me, bitching and moaning.  Fuck, I’ll seeya Sunday I guess.


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