I’m Pissed @ a 17 Year Old

So today Tyler Herro, the 27th ranked player in the class of 2018 (via ESPN) decommited from the University of Wisconsin.  Normally something like this wouldn’t piss me off but this kid fucking flaunted the shit out of eventually becoming a Badger.  He was always around Madison and I’d have more info but the sly bastard deleted his Instagram pics tyherro.JPGalready.  It just never makes any sense.  Nobody who leaves the state of Wisconsin to leave another state does well after.  Stone, Ellenson (actually decent stats but his team sucked crank, fuck you Marquette), Tokoto, to name a few guys who were eh in college and could have played earlier and more often for the Badgers but chose to go to a different program.  Now I’m not gunna say that it was a cash offer from another university but damn, it sure seems incredibly sudden for a dude who seemed so bought-in to Madison and the Badgers.  But life goes on, Gregg Guard will do his thing and bring in the right guys who will fit into the system.  I don’t hate the kid, I’ve heard he’s a cool dude but it’s just frustrating as FUCK when we can’t secure in-state guys with all of the success the team has had.


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