Tap Down Sports’ Tribute to the Legend Mr. Lahey aka John Dunsworth.

Source: USA Today:

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) — A Canadian actor best known for his role as an alcoholic trailer park supervisor in the Netflix comedy series Trailer Park Boys has died. John Dunsworth was 71.

His daughter, Sarah Dunsworth, announced his death on Twitter Monday, saying in a statement that her father died “peacefully after a short and unexpected illness.” She didn’t say where or when Dunsworth died.

Everyone’s had a time when they’ve gotten really fucked up.  I mean all time fucked up, like shitting the bed in a foreign country after getting shitfaced on $2.00 wine, like going downtown blacked out and blacking in next to a senior citizen on their couch the next morning 2 miles from your house, or like waking up in the backseat of a young couples truck then being served breakfast before they drive you home.  Everyone’s had nights where they drank too much and some crazy shit they don’t remember went down, but none of that even comes close to touching the level of drunk that Jim Lahey reached in Sunnyvale Trailer Park on Trailer Park Boys over the last decade plus.

Sure you and your friends have gone on weekend long benders, beer bonged Four Lokos, and chugged bottles of jack, but nobody got fucked with the quality and quantity that Lahey did.  The man routinely spent $1400 on liquor for himself for the night, attempted drunken murder every few weeks whether it was with a gun in the middle of a busy city street or blowing up houses with propane tank bombs, lived months at a time with a perfect .12 BAC, fought the shit winds, shit blizzards, and shitnamis with 1.75s of every alcohol you can imagine, and filled swimming pools with vodka so he could swim with the liquor.  Mr. Lahey was a one of a kind drunk, the kind of drunk every college kid aspires to be, but the kind of drunk that nobody will ever be able to emulate.  You were one of kind Jim Lahey; you were the liquor.

P.S. In all seriousness, John Dunsworth was a special man and an amazing actor.  He was a big time Canadian talent agent, and one of the most popular actors of all time.  He also wasn’t a drunk in real life, instead he was a successful guy who brought laughs and happiness to many people around the world through his acting and comedy.  Season 12 won’t be the same without you.  If they let you go out in the show by anything other than the liquor, they’ve done you a disservice.  Rest in Peace.



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