Say Welcome Back to Teddy One Knees


Teddy Bridgewater will soon hit the practice field. More than a year after his gruesome knee injury, which led many around the NFL wondering whether the former first-round pick would ever play a down of football again, Bridgewater was cleared by Dr. Dan Cooper to begin practicing, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday. Rapoport added Bridgewater is expected to be activated by the Vikings this week or next.

TEDDY TWO GLOVES” “ONE KNEE” IS BACK BABY.  He’s finally cleared to practice after over 13 months spent on the IR.  The average football player returns in 8-9 months after an ACL tear, so considering the damage to Bridgewater’s knee was more severe than the potential damaged caused to the average American heart if McDonald’s were to launch buffet lines in all their restaurants, 13 months is pretty good.  The dude was just rolling out to toss a pass at practice and the next thing he knew every ligament in his knee was torn to shreds and the whole knee joint was blown more open than Miley Cyrus’s life in 2016.  It’s honestly surprising that he even wants to play again considering he legitimately almost lost his leg if the medical staff hadn’t have reacted as fast as possible to minimize the damage to whatever was left of his lower extremity.

Grusome non contact injuries always mess with my head whenever they get brought up.  I just cringe at the fact a human can put so much torque on their body that they can just rip at any second.  Like what if I was typing this blog and I made an aggressive reach for the backspace after a mistake and my pink just dislocated out of its socket.  Life’s scary man.

Anyway, I’m a Packers fan, so congrats to Teddy for the remarkable recovery, but I could give less of shit about the Vikings’ QB situation.  Unless, maybe it could become the Packers’ QB situation.  The Queens already have Sam Bradford, the NFL’s all time leader in a single season passer completion percentage, and Case Keenum who’s started numerous games in the NFL.  Maybe Teddy could find a way to move over one state and make a comeback tour and free agency campaign by leading the Pack to the playoffs for A Rodgers return.  I mean the last time the Vikings training staff returned a offensive player from a knee injury they won league MVP, isn’t that right AP.

I say give it a chance, the worst that happens is we burn it down anyway.


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