The Knights Undeafted Reign on the NHL finally came to an end

Whatever, it’s not a big deal that the Knights finally slipped up and lost a game.   Everyone loses, it’s hockey in the NHL.  It’s a grimy and grueling 82 game schedule with ups and downs at every stop along the road to the Cup.  Sure it would’ve been nice to keep the win streak up, maybe break the 76-77 Canadiens record of 132 points in a season, be the first expansion team ever in the playoffs, murder every team that gets in our way throughout the postseason, and then win the Cup on a game 7, overtime, top shelf, one-timer from James Neal to deny Ovechkin and the Capitals their one real chance at finally winning it all, but I mean its not like I have the whole season planned out or anything.

I’m not in the least bit worried about Vegas, because they had the best start for an expansion team in NHL history at 3-0, James Neal is currently 2nd in the NHL in goals, and they still have 5 games left on their home stand.  There’s absolutely no reason to freak out over this loss.  They’ve won two games on late 3rd period goals and put an offensive plethora on display in the franchise’s emotional home ice opener, and then still were leading the Red Wings 3-2 going into the 3rd last night before the exhaustion finally caught up with them.  Look for The Golden Knights to bounce back Sunday against Boston.

Also the loss wasn’t all bad either.  This loss showed the world that the person who runs the Las Vegas Golden Knights official twitter account (@GoldenKnights) is most likely… clinically insane.

I’m guessing the person is eithet David Blane showing his true colors behind the disguise of social media because nobody in real life is that monotone and emotionless or McGregor and Mayweather just used a few million of their winnings to claim ownership on the Twitter account to practice writing with their illerate and CTE brains.


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