P-Diddy is trying to buy the NFL. Is that even possible? NOPE…

HA NOPE!  Buying the NFL isn’t possible because of yours truly, Tap Down Sports.  Yes, Tap Down Sports is the reason why P-Diddy can’t buy the entire NFL.  What and how may be flashing across your minds, don’t worry, let me please enlighten you on the topic of how Tap Down Sports has all the NFL power over P-Diddy.

Let’s say somehow, P-Diddy was able to convince 31 owners of teams in the NFL and Roger Goodell and his NFL Board to each sell their respective franchise and the National Football League company to him for billions upon billions of dollars.  However, as of May 10th, 2017 Sean Diddy Combs is worth about 820 million, so not even close at all, but lets assume he can scrounge up enough money, girls, booze, drugs or whatever pleases all these owners and Goodell to give up their teams and company to him.  P-Diddy would still need to obtain ownership of one more franchise before all of the NFL was under his control…our beloved Green Bay Packers.

As most people know, the Packers are owned by their fan base, which is possibly the most devoted thing in all of sports, easily making Packers fans the best fans around.  Right now, there are 360,760 individual shareholders of the Packers.  So, lets say P-Diddy was able to convince 360,759 Packer shareholders to sell him all their shares for money, beer, brats, venison, milk, cheese or whatever else they desired, there would still be one share out there…Sonny “Mothafuckin’, Best Butt in HS, #1 C-Team HS Football Head Coach in the Country, Greatest Football Mind on the Internet, Father of None” Anderson’s share, baby.

Our very own Sonny here at Tap Down Sports is a part owner of the Green Bay Packers, and I know for a God Damn fact, that he wouldn’t sell his shares for anything.  The only thing he would sell his shares for is more shares.  So, good luck P-Diddy, go ahead and try to buy the entire NFL with your good looks, sweet charms, soulful voice, and millions of dollars because it won’t work.  Offer him a lifetime backstage pass to all WWE paperviews ever, NOPE!  Offer sideline tickets to every NFL game for the rest of his life, NOPE!  Offer him a dressing room pass to each and every Victoria Secret fashion show til the day he dies, NOPE!  You’re never getting that share out of our mans.  Sonny’s a lifetime owner, P-Diddy, better luck next time.

Extra Thoughts:

Is Tap Down Sports a part owner of the Green Bay Packers then?  Are we the only sports media company in the entire world that is also a professional sports team owner?

How would P-Diddy woo Jerry Jones into selling him the Cowboys?  Give him Aaron Rodgers as his son?  Wrestle him for them?  What about Robert Kraft’s Patriots?  Genetically turn Tom Brady into a woman and give her to him as his wife?  Wrestle him for them?

Is P-Diddy going to start a 7 man football league like Ice Cube started the 3-3 basketball league?  Are Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson going to be the faces of two of the league’s franchises?


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