Oh no Chris Forester, why did you resign?!?!? You work for the only team where it’s ok to do drugs on viral videos!

In a normal human reaction, I was as shocked as the next guy when I stumbled upon this video of the Dolphins O-line coach hitting the slopes minutes before a coaches meeting with a professional NFL staff.  No, not because I was surprised a professional NFL coach would be willing to risk his job and career by doing relatively hard drugs in his place of work (more thoughts on that coming), but because the words he’s uttering and the tone of voice he’s using are absolutely insane.

The dude’s confessing his love for a pregnant woman with a baby that he never makes clear if it’s even his own, whom he loves because they used to have an amazing time snorting coke together, while all at the same time sounds like he’s a villain in a movie explaining his diabolical plan to the tied down hero minutes before the hero escape and ruins everything for the villain and saves the world.  Except Chris Forester’s plan is to rip these 3 lines of cocaine, go to his meeting and make millions of dollars as a NFL coach, in order to get his stripper lady back and support this random future baby, so him and mommy can get back to their loving ways of injecting hard drugs into their bodies.  Too bad he told the hero about his future plan via sending it to her over video and she told the world.


The only part that differs is Chris did the ultimate dagger and resigned himself, but he didn’t have to!!!  If you recall the NFL draft of 2016, the Dolphins selected Laremy Tunsil, the presumptive #1 overall pick, in the 10th spot after a video surfaced of him hitting a bong and went viral minutes before the draft started.

The precedent was set Chris!  The Dolphins showed it didn’t matter if past videos of you doing drugs went viral when they drafted Tunsil.  If you just would’ve sat still and waited until they fired you, then you could’ve sued for discrimination or some kind of unfair treatment or gotten a buyout for millions of dollars.  But no, now you’re an admitted drug addict who has to pay for rehab.  C’mon Chris, I expect more scummy moves from a guy who expresses love to a pregnant, drug addicted stripper over cocaine and nasty sex talk.

P.S. I personally think Adam Gase gave Forester the job in the first place knowing he was getting Tunsil later in the draft because his drug problems were known, and Chris would be the perfect mentor to bond and learn NFL blocking schemes from.  Gase used you and your problem Chris for the betterment of the team.  Now it’s your job to make him pay through legal battles that’ll last forever.


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