Good Morning Ladies and Gents:

Ho.  Ly.  Fuck.  As you can see on the site, about as much shit as possible has been going down at the ole’ headquarters over the last few weeks.  Major changes have been made to the foundation of what were trying to do here on all levels from minor details to the God damn name of the company.  Guys have been grinding their asses and working around the clock to create a new brand that captures not only the personas of all us content guys, but more importantly, the personalities of you, the faithful following.  We want to give you a product that not only entertains you, allowing you to forget about all the bullshit of life for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, but a product that you can also be proud of and relate with on many different levels.

After many hours of thoughts, planning, writing, designing, and computing between us all, the Balls, Sacks, and Hard Wood brand has evolved into Tap Down Sports.  We like to think of it as the world’s premier news source for sports, drinking, gambling, and everything you probably shouldn’t be doing, but of course those are all the exact things both you and we are doing every single day.  Balls, Sacks, and Hard Wood gave us 10 amazing months of learning and experience in blogging and generating content that’s priceless and will allow us to turn Tap Down Sports into a premier sports and entertainment media brand.  Tap Down Sports gives us that easier to say, more relatable name and brand that BSHW just didn’t have.  Now that we have a brand that everyone can get behind, content will be spewed out from our laptops to your phones and screens faster than Aaron Rodgers’ TD passes against the Bears secondary, faster than a NBA player can subtweet an ex-teammate, and faster than Adam Schefter can type “per source”.  More changes and additions are still coming in the near future, so stay tuned.  Make sure to check out social media on Twitter and Instagram @tapdownsports for articles, messages, and videos.  As always, in the name of tradition…




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