So who wants to help “foot the bill” on my purchase of 30-35% of the Denver Broncos

Per Source: Denver Post

John Bowlen, the younger brother of Broncos majority owner Pat Bowlen, is looking to sell his minority interest in the team of roughly 30-35 percent, a source close to the matter told The Denver Post. The impetus for selling, per the source, is to preserve Pat Bowlen’s legacy because the team is “not being run the way Pat would have run it in many, many capacities.” The Broncos remain among the NFL’s most successful franchises with a valuation of $2.4 billion, according to Forbes magazine’s latest estimate, a massive leap from the $78 million the Bowlens paid former owner Edgar Kaiser in 1984. Because Pat was unable to cover the full purchase price, his siblings, including John, helped foot the bill and, over the years, they have been selling interest back to Pat. In 1996, Pat’s brother William Bowlen sold his interest, and in 1997 his sister Mary Elizabeth Jagger did the same. When their mother, Arvella Regis Bowlen, died in 2006, her interests were split among Pat and John, making them sole owners of the team.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that one of my biggest goals, dreams, longings, needs, obsessions in life is to become at least a part owner of a NFL team.  I mean of course if I had it my way, I would have complete ownership of the team then make myself CEO, President, and GM, so I would have say over literally anything the team did.  A little a la Jerry Jones, a little Jerry Jones-esque, Connor “Jerry Jones” Wears is how I like to think about my managerial abilities, and the name might also double as my owner’s name on every one of my Madden Franchises.

I also don’t think it would surprise anyone that I’m a broke college kid, who has absolutely no money, no ownership experience, and actually isn’t even studying business in the slightest.  Now that that’s on the table, I’m willing to put all my money up and partner with anyone able to help cover the roughly $840 million it’ll take to get this deal rolling.  We’ll do this in the same way Pat did when he found out he wasn’t rich enough to buy the Broncos by himself, and convinced his brothers, sister, and parents to give him millions of dollars to buy this team, and force them to give there shares back when he could afford them.  Capitalism and communism all built into one…America at its finest.  We got to beat Elway to the bidding, so email me at if interested.



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