Deshaun Watson gifted about 10 Gs to 3 different team cafeteria workers affected by Hurricane Harvey, Yesterday.

I would have blogged about this a lot sooner, but Balls, Sacks, and Hard Wood is under some major changes, and I’m excited as fuck about where the brand is about to go.  The boys are going to be grinding, getting carpel tunnel, and putting in some major work over the next few weeks to take this brand to the next step.  Keep your eyes peeled and your dicks hard for what’s about to come.  But for now back to the content because the blog never ever sleeps.

Per Source (ESPN):

Watson, who has a base salary of $465,000, donated a check for $27,353.

He walked into the cafeteria with envelopes wrapped in ribbon and said, “Hopefully, that’s good and that can get you back on your feet. And anything else y’all need, I’m always here to help.”

This is a wonderful, heart warming story.  Deshaun Watson has been very fortunate over the last few years with winning a National Championship, getting drafted in the first round, and the Savage-Nuk experiment not living up to its dope nickname.  Those three women will be able to do a lot with almost $10,000 each, and hopefully their lives will have a boost in the fast track of getting them back to the way things were.  That’s a great job off the field from a soon to be great player on the field.  Way to go Deshaun.

If you kept reading, thank you for understanding I’m not a click baiting asshole who writes blogs like the one above.  Of course I meant everything I said in the first paragraph, as well as needed to express praise to someone helping others overcome a horrible disaster because those are the kind guys we are.  But don’t be silly, there’s two equally sound explanations for why Deshaun donated this money.

First, the QB is the face of the franchise, especially one that was drafted 12th overall after his team decided to trade up from 25th to make sure they got their guy, but it’s hard to be the face of a team when another player is the largest news story in the US for weeks after raising $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief.  So, Mr. Watson had to call an audible without tipping the media off about his plan to get some of the donation praise and media going towards him instead of to #99.  The play dropped into his lap when he heard about the cafeteria ladies losing everything.  A little math, a few envelopes, and a lot of huge smiles later… Deshaun’s back to being the talk of the town.

The second likely explanation for the money donation is the one I prefer to believe because I don’t think Watson is that kind of guy, but you never know.  Anyway, he donated one of his game checks, presumably his latest one for the 36-33 loss to the Patriots in the waning seconds.  Knowing the National Champion, 1st Round, Quarterback, Deshaun knows losses don’t deserve payment.  They didn’t pay him to come loose games for their franchise, so he did the morally right thing and gave the money away, and he’ll take his cut when he earns it by grinding out a win in week 4.  That’s the move of a gritty, team leading QB.  Deshaun’s too humble to admit it, so I’ll do it for him.

“Stay Classy”






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