Player Profiling: Blake Bortles, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles is being treated like the Donald Trump of Fantasy Football this off-season, and that’s messed up.  Seriously, that’s a super shitty thing people can do to a person in the world right now.  Think about it.  Nobody really gave him a chance coming out of Central Florida, where he was criticized for being from a smaller school who hadn’t really played anyone.  Same deal for Trump in that he has no political experience whatsoever, and nobody thought he would actually beat Hillary, until he did.  Bortles then started out a little rough his rookie year, while he learned the ropes of being a NFL QB, before he blew up for 35 TDs and almost 4,500 yards his sophomore year.  Obviously, Trump started his Presidency with impeachment rumors and protests across the country, but he did have some positive moves with the Supreme Court appointment and economy boost.  Now, Bortles is coming off a year where he was a pick machine with a decline in touchdowns and yards, while possibly ruining teams as a top 10 QB off the board.  His ADP is 22 currently, that difference is absolutely massive.  Even more obviously, everything on every media platform’s goal is to trash Trump.  If you want a way to get a million likes on a tweet, just think of something clever to Michael Scott Boom Roast Trump.

Bortles is getting the unnecessary Trump treatment by analysts, fans, and everyone with a phone this off-season.  Not to single anyone out, but a NFL Network analyst with a name that rhymes with Rave Rameshek, was a total asshole and went on a rant about how Kap should be starting for the Jags because he wins games for teams with really good defenses, and can make a few good plays.  BORTLES HASN’T EVEN HAD A CHANCE IN THAT ROLE YET.  Damn, he’s played on a bunch of bad Jags teams, who are only starting to look good on paper this season.  Last year was probably a decent amount of Bortles’ shoulders, but he wasn’t terrible enough to get them the fourth pick on his own.  Give the guy a chance.  I think he can repeat his 2015 season with less picks on a better team.  He’s got the size, the arm, the brain, and he’s put up the number’s before.  I don’t think he’s a fluke.  He just needs some belief.  Give it to him.  Take him in the late rounds, watch him put up 4,200 yards and 35 plus TDs with under 11 picks, and laugh at your stupid friends and call out people on twitter who refused to believe.


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