The NFL is Looking into Player’s Using WEED for Pain Management. Is it Good or Bad?

Oh boy, Goody’s gonna start letting the boys cheech their way out of the training room and back onto the field within the next few seasons.  Hell, maybe Rog will even let them rip their way out of the substance abuse doghouse too.  I’m excited.  This is the best thing that’s happened to football since James White made the Falcon’s his bitch.  If the NFLPA and NFL find the results of the study to say that marijuana helps player’s cope with the pain from the grueling 16 game or more season, it would be absolutely huge.  Less suspensions, less trouble with the law, and more happy players for us to enjoy.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping what will happen, but I can definitely see a few issues with the deployment of medical marijuana to players if they find the study results to be beneficial.

First, does the NFL have to obey the state laws regarding medical marijuana, or can they just do their own thing?  Right now only 29 states and D.C. made the weed legal for medical purposes.  If the NFL franchises had to obey state laws, then I could easily see one of the biggest attractions of free agency arise in the player’s potential ability to get just toasted once the pads come off.  The Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Giants, and Jets, among other teams, are going to get the studs every year where the small, less metropolitan teams won’t have the same legalization laws like the Packers, Colts, or Panthers.  This could be severely unfair if some players get to fight pain and the others have to deal with it based on where they got drafted.  The NFL would transition to a more NBA style free agency where the players base their decision a lot on the status of the city, and I want to see no part of that.

Second, how would they be able to differentiate between medical and recreational use of the player’s getting treated by the potential use of marijuana.  Is that even possible?  Would Lev Bell be smoked up 24/7?  Would football become slower and lazier?  Would we see more of this on the sidelines?

I feel like player’s would be high all the time.  Every year tons of players come out and say that they played injured last year, and everyone is always playing hurt.  Wouldn’t everyone just play high 24/7?  I know I would be sitting on the bench slamming Doritos and Dewski’s if this affected me.

Third, I don’t know how the NFL is going to further study the affects of medical marijuana than states who’ve already legalized it already have?  Are they going to make it a football based study where they let college or high school players suck down a few blunts post-game and see what happens?  Or are they going to let a select group of players in the NFL try it out this season because that line would be longer than the line at the free $1 million dollars booth.

I’m all for it if it helps the players feel better.  Hell, as a D3 long snapper, I personally volunteer to be a test subject for the study.  I’ll do it for football fans and players everywhere if it means helping out pain management of our sports hero’s.  Don’t think of me as a saint or savior, I just want everyone to live life without pain.  Maybe we can even get Josh Gordon back.  That’s only fair.

Lets see where this goes.



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