The Roller Coaster Ride We Call Being A Cubs Fan

I decided to write a little about some baseball for the 3% of you who care, cause I’m part of that 3% and know how you feel, so let’s get to it!


After a for sure high point of being a Cubs fan last year the 2017 Cubs are bringing all Cubs fans back to reality. They went in to all-star break 5.5 games behind the Brewers for the lead in the division, that just shows how shitty the NL Central is this year. The defending World Champions have struggled to take leaps this year hovering around a steady .500-win percentage, but are the Cubs showing us who we really thought they were now? Since the all-star break the Cubbies have managed a record of 11-2. The Cubs are now in 1st place of the NL Central, thanks a lot to the Brewers 4-9 record since all-star weekend. The Cubs are in a position to be able to really take control of the Division as they start a 3-game road trip tomorrow against the struggling Brew Crew.


I know, the Cubs have been the farthest thing from their 2016 form this year but are already proving they might be back in this second half of the season. Now I know many of people will just say this is just a team that’s hot right now and I can 100% agree with that, but the point is that it is THIS team that is warming up and on a hot streak and that is dangerous. This teams batting line-up is already known for is ridiculous amount of batters who have power to send it out of the ball park on any given at bat but the key for the Cubs is that they’re starting to hit better with runners in scoring position on this streak which was a big key to their success last season. It’s great to see the Cubs finally start to get on a roll this year as I was starting to lose a little faith in them, but I still am going to stick by my team and still truly believe we are World Series contenders and will win the NL Central. There’s no way team with this kind of batting line-up, starting rotation and manager cannot win the shit show of a division we call the NL Central. Just please Cubs don’t do the Cubs usual thing and Cub it up when it matters. We definitely need more than 1 World Series to even things out I’d say.

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Till Next Time,

Scott Kukla


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