Better Late Than Never? Say Hello To Scote

I decided it was about that time to get off my ass and do this. I’m Scott Kukla one of the newest members of BSHW. I am a die-hard Chicago sports fan, Fantasy Football Addict, and Marijuana enthusiast. I was born in North-Western Indiana about 45 minutes outside of Chicago into a family of Chicago Crazies. I’m talking crazy like I have a score-book for the Cubs whole entire 86’ season, yes every single game, that my grandpa filled out. I’ve been a Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks fan since before I could remember.

My family decided to move to Appleton, WI when I was 2 years old to get closer to all my family in the UP, shout out to my Yooper’s. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences in the last 17 years, especially on how to deal with the loud, loyal, alcoholics that call themselves Packer fans. I can’t wait to share the views from another perspective and also can’t wait for the heated debates on Bears Packers topics, NBA News, the shit show they call the NL Central, and some good ole Hockey.

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Till Next,

Scott Kukla


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