Michael Blazek and Wily Peralta Obituary

July 27, 2017

Today at Nationals Park there were two murders committed.  Today the Milwaukee Brewers sent out 28 year old right hander Michael Blazek to the mound.  Blazek is in his fifth year as a relief pitcher in the MLB.  Regardless, Craig Counsell sent Mike out to the mound for his fblazekirst career start against one of the strongest lineups in the NL in the WashingtonNationals.  Well guess what happened?  BLAZEK GOT FUCKING SHELLED WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU THINK WAS GUNNA HAPPEN.  I’m upset that I didn’t get a chance to see who was starting before the game started.  If I would have known that this BUM was starting I would have thrown three month’s rent down on that mf.  So Blazek’s stat line was impressive.  2.1 innings pitched, 4 K’s, 7 HITS, 6 HOME RUNS, 8


RUNS AND ALL THAT ON 61 PITCHES.  This dude gave up four straight homers.  That’s never happened before.  What in the hell.  So Craiggers went to Wily Peralta who’s ERA is just a shade under eight.  Well guess what the hell happened.  Did you guess he got shelled?  WELL SHIT YEA HE GOT SHELLED.  1.2 innings, 8 hits, 7 earned runs, 2 more homers and bam, down 15-1 after four innings.  Well, at least we won innings 5-9.  Gotta look at the positives.  BTW we’re still only a game out of first place, even after this shitty stretch.  The road to October is paved with battles and this is one shitty day. But, my God, it was bad.




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