Martellus Bennett just became an instant Packer with an all-time football guy move by sleeping in the locker room the night before training camp

July 26th might as well be Christmas morning for Martellus Bennett, he’s gotta be that fucking excited.  Honestly, that’s probably a gross understatement.  I can only think of one close example that might due Martellus’ excitement for camp the justice it deserves because he’s happier than an only child ripping off his covers at 5:30 a.m., sprinting to his parents room, giving them a good morning Swanton Bomb from atop the bedposts, dragging them head first down the stairs, so he can dive face first into the mountain of presents that he doesn’t have to share with a fuckin soul.  The Packers are throwing $21mil at him to go out there, put his head down, sprint to a spot, put his hands up and have Aaron Rodgers hit them with a pin-point, rocket dime ball every single time.  Give anybody a $6.3 million dollar signing bonus and Aaron Rodgers and they wouldn’t miss that shit for the world.  That concept’s still so surreal in Bennett’s mind that he’s willing to displace the lower spine a little bit sleeping right on some rock solid terrain known as carpet in what I’m sure isn’t a great smelling place in the Lambeau Field locker room home to the 90 current Packer training camp players ranging from 200 to 320 pounds, who put in hours on hours of sweaty, steamy football grind every single day.  (Thinking about it, Martellus is actually prepping his body for all the blocks he’s going to be giving and the hits he’s going to be taking for the next few months.  Smart man.)  Now, that’s the move a football guy, a championship guy, and most importantly a God Damn Wisconsin Packer Guy.  Martellus is eatin’, shittin’, and sleepin’ football 24/7 and nobody who loves the game can’t disrespect the move.  The 2017 season’s close…I can sniff her.



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