The Football Guys You Fantasize About-Ft. Marcas Grant of NFL Fantasy Live 7/25/2017

The boys at TFGYFA wrangled a big time guest for you to listen to this week in Marcas Grant of NFL Network and’s Fantasy Live.  We start by giving you a “That’s a Dime” by making fun of the worst 10 types of people at every fantasy football draft and interview the big shot Marcas G on how he got to his spot at NFL Fantasy Live, his relationship with the NFL players and “Rog” [Roger Goodell], and why you should run your league at versus ESPN.  Then we move into some football talk by solving who’s going to win every major RB training camp battle from New Orleans up to Seattle and decipher what hype stories should and shouldn’t be believed in the new segment NFL Truthers.  As always we show you our tips to end another great episode.  Subscribe and review on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music if you want to keep staying hard.


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