Can NBA Social Media Please Stop Cucking Wisconsin from Giannis

The Milwaukee Bucks finally have an undisputed, bona fide, all-around superstar in Giannis Antetokounmpo and NBA fans across the world, from young international teens to Adrian Blojnarowski, just cannot handle it.  I would go as far to say that he’s one step under Aaron Rodgers as a Wisconsin Sports Hero in 2017.  Everyone outside of Wisconsin, USA has spent the 2017 NBA offseason trying with a cucktastic passion to convince Giannis that the Bucks front office will ruin his career, and he needs to jump ship out of Milwaukee as soon as possible.  I suppose I would too in the case of Giannis.  I mean if you’re redrafting the NBA today, Giannis is a top 3 pick for me, maybe even #1.  The first attempt to subconsciously put a departure into Giannis’ mind was when Bloj dropped this bomb in early July:

Woj spewed this in reference to the Bucks promoting Director of Operations Jon Horst as their new GM this summer rather than going with assistant GM Justin Zanik.  To make a long story short, the Bucks interviewed 5 or 6 people originally for the position, with Zanik being one of them and Horst not even in contention.  Then the Bucks brought Zanik and two others in for interviews, kinda decided on Zanik, bailed at the last moment, then all of sudden hired Horst for the job.  It was a pretty big mess, and I can for sure see how it’s a bad look.  However, Giannis then pulled this beaut of a move by basically point-blank machine gunning down Woj’s face, throwing him in a body bag, and kicking it off the Empire Statement with this tweet later that same day:

Things cooled down after that because obviously athlete social media posts are 100% binding legal contracts in the world of NBA Free Agency and professional sport media outlets, not to name any specifics (Bleacher Report/ESPN).

Case A:

Case B.

After the Giannis tweet, people had to figure out a new plan to make it look like Giannis was leaving ASAP, so this video surfaced today where, in the most painfully hard to understand fashion, an Asian man still adjusting to English asks a Greek Giannis, who once thought smoothie was spelt smothie, what would have to happen for him to leave the Milwaukee Bucks:

Kinda a sav move be the guy actually.  Didn’t dance around it, didn’t ease into it, just threw it out in the open and asked the Superstar how long he plans to poster people in a Buck’s uni.  This second attempt to confuse Giannis into thinking about leaving was a bit more scary as Giannis proceeded to defend KD and say players have to do what they have to do.  Never want to see that as a Bucks fan or I guess just anyone in general, putting back-stabbing on a mantle as an O.K. response is never a good sign.  I hope Giannis gets back on the phone, twiddles the thumbs, and explains himself soon, otherwise I’m going to be freaking for the next 3 years.  Please NBA fans.  Can you be decent people and stop cucking our Superstar from us?



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