BSHW is Comin’ to Oshvegas

BSHW oshvegas logo

Well, this has been a fun process.  We are officially expanding.  With my residency in Oshkosh I felt as though this would fit in well with the Oshkosh lifestyle.  Don’t worry, we’re not changing anything major.  Collin, Connor and Sonny will still be holding it down (PS check out Collin and Connor’s new fantasy football podcast) for the main twitter account and will continue to post on here.

Coming with me on this journey is two guys who fit the mold of BSHW perfectly.  The first is Mike Nitti IV (@nittimichael).  Mike’s a journalism major at UWO and is a Chicago sports fan who grew up in Green Bay.  He’ll be doing a lot of writing about fantasy football and the NHL.  Finally a hockey guy, love it.  Mike is also known for drinking a shit load.  Guy’s gunna be a star

Second is Scott Kukla (@kukkukla).  I’ve known Scott for years and I’m incredibly excited to bring him on.  Like Mike, Scott’s a big Chi town guy.  Scott’s interests include; rap music, kissin’ titties, drinking Natty Light and sports.  See the trend here?  Scott will be writing about just about everything and will bring a good perspective for the blog.

I’m so damn excited about this expansion.  With that being said we aren’t just stopping with these two.  I’m hoping to bring on two or three more personalities from the greater Fox Valley area.  I’m looking for hard working dudes who can kick back and crank out quality content.  If that is something you would enjoy feel free to slide into my DM’s or just get a hold of me somehow.

Follow the new twitter account for the latest @BSHW_Oshvegas

Stay hard,



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