Live look in at the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions fight for Offseason relevance.

There’s a little power battle going on between some non Super Bowl winning teams in the NFL right now. Since people, meaning sports analysts, fans, and girls…

(And when I say girls, I mean girls. They’re for sure only into sports for winning and any potential fame they can get. Just look at Minka Kelly. She stays with Jason hoping he’ll get better so he can play football again and bring her to the NFL and eventually the Super Bowl podium. Then when the whole Friday Night Light gig is up, she goes out and dates Derek Jeter, literally The Captain, and multi-time World Series Champion. Yeah, sure I get that one situation is a TV show and the other is real life, but they always say actors are one with their characters.  Sometimes I don’t even think there are gold diggers in sports.  Not even that girls can’t go and be champions themselves, they certainly can and do.  Im saying they just want to have the most athletic and winning husband because they just have to win at EVERYTHING in their cold, twisted, and outsmarting brain that none of us guys can simply comprehend.)

…only like to talk about trophies and winning, the non Super Bowl winning teams need to do crazy shit to stand out, get fans’ attention, and force people to talk about them. Kinda like when an ex-girlfriend finds out you cheated on them, sleeps with you and when you finish and fall asleep, they then proceed to break all the shit in your house, steal all your money, and vandalize your entire existence. This is the type of middling power, attention craving fight the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions are in right now.

The Bills went and got their double murder accused, robbery convicted Hall of Fame RB O.J. Simpson out on parole to get some headlines rolling and fill out a Thursday afternoon time slot on ESPN. Once the Lions got whiff of what was going on, they decided to ring up their H.O.F RB Barry Sanders and bring him in at a celebratory, made up marketing role, which is actually just another ploy to get people talking about Megatron again, so he might, just might come back and play. Looks like it’s the Bills move next.  Stay tuned for the shrieking, hair pulling, scratching, and biting exstravaganza that’s about to play out.



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