Dante Fowler gave a dude The 5 Knuckle Shuffle to his face then proceeded to chuck his booze in the lake.

What the fuck is simple battery?!?!  Fowler should be getting a definite class A felony with life on parole, maybe even death by firing squad.  The guy is simply a villain out there ruining people’s lives.  If I know any two rules at all in this entire world they’re:

  1. Don’t punch others in the face, it always ends badly.  Just ask Ezekiel Elliott how it’s working out for him.
  2. Don’t touch another man’s booze, especially right after giving them an uppercut.

Fowler broke both of them in about 10 seconds, and all the police did was channel their inner kindergarten teacher by saying, “Dante. Stop being naughty. Don’t punch nice men in the face and don’t throw their alcohol in lakes.  Sorry sir, it’s a phase.  He’s just a mischievous little boy.”  The fact that he was only charged with simple battery and mischief is preposterous.  That man probably had a long day at work, stopped by the grocery store to pick up a bottle of 80 proof, and was on his way home to relax and drink his dead end job, shitty apartment, and nagging gf/wife out of his mind until he had to deal with it the next day, when he saw a someone driving their car like an asshole down the street.  He probably yelled something to the car about stop driving like an asshole because he needed to let our a little anger, while keeping his neighborhood safe at the same time, then the next thing he knows there’s the 2015 3rd overall pick, 6’3″, 270lbs Fowler barrelling down at him with 4.6 wheels.  One fist to the face and a splash in the lake later, this man’s life is turned upside down.  I hope this arrest escalates and Fowler gets the punishment he deserves.  Don’t touch another man’s booze.

Fantasy Outlook:

If you play IDP, you’re way to obsessed with fantasy football.  IDP is a dark beer, it’s just way too much.  Go have a light beer, have some fun.  The one thing I do like though is that he’s got that rage, and if he’s getting out of his car and running down people in apartment complexes, where there’s a lot of turns and twists, the ACL must have good mobility and stability back.



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