Ezekiel Elliot needs to stop punching people NOW.

The consensus Top 3 overall player in standard leagues has been working on his hands last year and over the off-season.  You would think his effort in that department would bode well for his PPR league value as Elliot tries to lessen the gap between his value and that of David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell.  Unfortunately, his hand training is more in the tossing hands category rather than using them to catch balls.  As in, I.E., he’s punching the shit out of everything, including every man, women, or living creature that inhabits this Earth.  During his rookie season, allegations were made against Zeke by an ex-girlfriend for past domestic abuse issues, but just late last week, Adam Schefter and other sports media outlets broke news that he’s likely to receive a short 1 to 2 game suspension for it.  In light of the news, Elliot thought it was in his best interest to get into a Sunday night bar fight and roll as many heads as possible in order to fully prove his innocence in the prior domestic abuse incident.  This reminds me of a lesson my parents use to teach me as I grew up, “Nothing says I didn’t punch that girl by punching some assholes in a bar on The Sabbath.”  Ezekiel Elliot is on a fist throwing, hate filled rampage right before training camp starts, and in all honesty, it’s probably not a good look.

But maybeeeeeee, there’s some good to go along with all this bad, bad, bad image Elliot’s creating for himself.  I mean the bad stuff is obvious.  His image is slowly going from Crown Royal to Fleischmanns and his hands are definitely getting harder from all the calluses he’s creating on his knuckles, which is the opposite he wants to do after only making 32 catches last year compared to 80 and 75 for Johnson and Bell last year, respectively.  He’s also potentially raising that suspension higher than ever with the bar altercation on top of the already pending suspension.  However, there’s always good that comes with bad, and I can think of three reason’s why everything isn’t mud sliding for Zeke right now.

First, I want every player to have an undying fire burning under them at all times.  They need to know how to control it, which Zeke hasn’t quite figured out yet, but he’s got the passion and fight needed to be the best football player in the world.  He’s just got to channel it onto the football field rather than into people’s mugs.  Second, he’s getting the mistakes out now, and the worst that they will cost his is two or three games in his sophomore season.  The best way for people to learn is from their mistakes, and I’m guessing Elliot doesn’t want stuff like this to happen any longer now that his bad boy image is increasing.  The two games isn’t a big deal in the dynasty realm, so keep drafting him high there, which bring me to my last point.  Third, the last RB to get suspended for the first part of the season, Le’Veon Bell, still went for 261 carries for 1,268 yards and 7 TDs, along with 75 catches for 616 yards and 2 TDs.  Bell was an absolute stud, and so is Zeke.  So in redraft leagues, even with this second issue, still draft him high.  Elliot’s stock is also as low as it will ever be right now, so go out and trade for him or draft him with a middle/late first round pick, wait the two games or whatever, and watch him roll to at least an top 5 RB finish.

Just stop punching people.  Can you do that for us Zeke?




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