Drink of the Week – Four Loko

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the drink of the week.  Four Loko is this week’s culprit winning with 67% of the votes on the poll.  It beat out rail drinks, wine and Jack Daniels to take this week’s spot. 

So Four Loko has an interesting history.  It was founded by three bros from Ohio University back in ’05.  Here’s the story via Wikipedia. 

As students they had enjoyed caffeine mixed with alcohol, and recalled buying Thai energy drinks from a nearby Asian market to sell to other students at a markup, claiming that they were “importing the stuff from abroad”. They would later describe themselves as “our own target market”

 Classic swindling of underclassmen.  A true  art.  Their first attempt was to add wormwood into the drink.  Wormwood is the physcodelic ingredient used with the making of absinthe. 

Back in ’09 Four Loko took off and became one of the most popular drinks for college students.  The combination of the caffeine and the irresponsibly high amount of alcohol was putting people on their ASS.  At Washington University in Ellensburg, there were 9 students hospitalized after becoming ill at a house party.  Their BAC’s ranged from .12 to .31 (.30 is considered potentially lethal and is also considered being “lit as fuck”).  By November of 2010 there were dozens of universities that had banned the drink basically for inducing blackouts and causing injuries to their students.  The FDA then sent a letter to the company who produced Four Loko warning them that they had to change their recipe or they would be banned from selling it in The States.  In late December of 2010 the new Four Loko was released but there was no caffeine used. 

Wow. So we think that Four Loko now is considered “bad”?! There were kids on a regular basis taking trips to the hospital because of this stuff!  I really need to get my hands on one of the old cans.  There’s still a market online for them from when people hoarded them before it’s ban.  Might just have to look into that. 

Enjoy your Friday kids. Stay hard. 

O’Kane 🤙🏻 


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