Thirsty Thursday Tradition

So it may just be me being an overcommitted pussy to my work life but it seems that during the summer, where I mind you there’s no class, “Thirsty Thursday” isn’t a thing.  During the school year Thursdays might be the best day of the week. Showcasing shitty NFL teams in goofy ass uniforms, bar specials, knowing the weekend is right around the corner. It’s incredible.  In the summer I feel as though we lose touch with this beautiful tradition.  Why can’t we accept being a bag of shit for work on Fridays?  Why can’t we be bent over on a beautiful, sunny, Friday afternoon purging our demons from the night before in a toilet at Kwik Trip?  No more.  We have to remember that Thursday’s are the greatest day of the week.   (Besides Saturday cuz SAFTB) I am all for the reinstatement of Thirsty Thursday’s for the rest of the summer.  Did CUSA flip my alcoholic button to “On” again? Yup. Stay hard. 



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