The Football Guys You Fantasize About present “The Arian Foster ‘What’s Your Name?’ 2017 Fantasy Football Team Name Collection”


The number one reason fantasy football teams collapse before the season ever begins is not due to training camp injuries, bad draft strategy, or unwarranted hype.  It’s due to collecting your foundation of players through the draft, trades, or auction, and trying to bring them together to work as a collective unit when they have no common entity bringing them together or to play for.  I’m talking about the team, that team name of your fantasy football team each and everyone of your players go out and competes for every God Damn Sunday.  You got to pick the right one, the name that bonds all your players together, the one they can get behind and go win you a chip.  If you don’t have the right one, the whole team is set up for failure, and there’s no recovering from a lack of togetherness.

That’s where we come in.  Many people are smart and knowledgeable enough about fantasy to build a championship roster, but not everyone has the creative brilliance to think of that team name that’s going on the trophy once they win it.  Good thing we’ll do it for you.  The Football Guys You Fantasize About will give you fantasy football team names based on all the studs your drafting in the first few rounds every week.  Starting with #1 overall player David Johnson and moving down the list, one by one, we’ll give the most creative, punny, hilarious, reference filled team names we can rack our brains to think of.  Your best players are the leaders of your team, so making a name that fits them is also a name made to fit the team.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t count as getting your team name off the internet.  We’re bros helping out a fellow bro.  Fair play.

Get Excited.  Check our twitter and instagram both @FantasyGuysBSHW every day to find the pictures and team names you can use in 2017 for your fantasy football team.  Or just look to laugh at the crazy shit we can come up with in the forms of names and photoshops.  It’s going to be funny as hell.  Also make sure to send USB your best names and pictures so we can post, comment, and talk about them on the podcast.



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