It’s Monday, and I want some free bdubs for a year

The Heavens above dropped me an unreal opportunity for tender, saucy, and unlimited bites of pure joy for the next full year.  In the absolute worst look and marketing blunder that I’ve seen in a long time, I caught a Buffalo Wild Wings employee choosing to leave her place of work, walk over to another restaurant, willingly forgoing her dinner discount, and pay full price for food, which was most likely a different form of chicken.

So yeah 2017-18, summer to summer, 12 juicy months of smashing as many different flavors as possible…but there’s a catch.  I have to play my cards right.  I have every opportunity in the world right now to cash in on never-ending, sauced up poultry, and I most certainly will do all that I can to get those wings in my hands.

The first plan that came to my mind was the typical run of the mill DM Buffalo Wild Wings and ask if this gets enough retweets can I have free wings for a year.  However, for some reason unlike every other fast food outlet, BDubs decides to keep their DMs locked, probably for this reason.  The next thing that came to my mind, naturally, was blackmail.  I post the picture of their employee choosing to eat at Chipotle rather than her own place of business and Buffalo Wild Wings pays me with year long wings to get me to take it down.  But I’m a man’s man, so I didn’t want to play that way.  But then it came to me.

I just post the picture and let the multi-million dollar company know that they messed up…big time.  If they have any dignity, honor, or respect, they’ll own up, take it like a champ, and give me my free, delicious wings for a year.  It’s your move BDubs, do the right thing.



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