New Friday Blog – Drink of the Week : Week 1 Fireball

Hello everyone. O’Kane here, and if you know me you know that I’m somewhat of a Walcoholic. What’s a walcoholic you may ask. Well it’s a really shitty word that I just came up with for someone who has alcoholic tendencies only on the weekend or Friday – Sunday for those that don’t count Sundays as a drinking day, suck my crank. It’s basically a person who during the school year is drinking and partying every single night but then in the summer they have to get a real job and can’t endulge in the sweet nectar of alcoholic beverages on the weekdays. One staple of living at home in the summer is getting the condescending comments from your parents when you stumble in on a Sunday night after three days of blatant alcoholism. With all of that being said, this is going to be a new blog that I’ll do on Friday mornings where I will showcase one drink a week. I’ll call on any of you who have any sort of stories involving the said drink and also give my personal thoughts on it. Without wasting any more time, the first drink of the week is one that I may or may not have had an obsession with my Freshman year of college……… yea it’s Fireball. 
Ahh Fireball. This drink has a love hate relationship with everyone. Most at this point hate it but for the younger crowd it is a favorite. Boasting a 33% alcohol by volume (66 proof) Fire is not as strong as most whiskeys. What Fireball does have is the signature cinnamon taste. 

“Tastes like Heaven and Burns Like Hell” if that isn’t the best slogan around I’m not sure what is. For those who haven’t tried it, imagine drinking Red Hots mixed with cinnamon syrup. Fireball is usually a drink served ice cold to offset some of the syrupy taste but my god, if you’ve had your bad experience, it doesn’t matter how cold it is you’re still going to gag on your first shot/sip. 
In recent years Fireball has received a lot of hate for claims that it shared some of the same chemicals used in antifreeze. Even some European countries got rid of it. Thank God we live in America where the “if it sells it stays” policy reigns supreme.
For college students who are of the legal drinking age and can purchase drinks at a bar, Fireball is literally only used as a shot. The shot will run you probably around $3 and it’s an easy one to take down without sacrificing the alcohol content level as you would by doing a shot of Dr. McGillicuddy’s.  

One interesting characteristic that I can’t figure out about Fireball is it’s ability to black you the fuck out on even the slightest amount. I’ve heard so many people who have blacked out on the syrupy mess and I can’t find a direct answer as to why. Drinkability is a factor for sure, but it seems as though there’s something special that makes you full blown blackout if you drink it.  

Ways to Drink It 

  • Straight (With Ice) – this is the way that I drink it ever if I do, it’s simple and it’s a great way to forget anything that happened throughout the night
  • Shot – Perfect bar shot as we discussed
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch – All you do here is 2 shots of Fireball and 2 shots of RumChata. Throw that bitch on ice and tell me you don’t get thrown back into you childhood 
  • Apple Pie Cider – No, not the moonshine. Take your favorite hard cider and toss in a shot or two of the good stuff.  

There are tons of ways to drink Fireball but there’s only one way that fullproof will black you out guaranteed and that’s on ice. 

Normally, I’d have you guys send in stories of you drinking the drink of the week but since this is the first week I have none so I’ll tell you my two favorites that I have. 
Story 1 

UW Steven’s Point – September 2015

This was a few weeks into my Freshman year and the Sunday before I had partially tore my MCL playing football (it was actually during conditioning so yay for non contact injuries). My friend Kyle and I were partying actually quite a ways off campus and I had been on crutches all week but as most know, pain is mental. I proceeded to slam through a half handle of Fireball at this party to artificially remove the pair from my knee. When the party was over, Kyle and I were walking back to our dorms and we came across the football field. Now in Point, the football field is actually a public park and is easily accessible at all times. Especially at 2am. Now we walked out there and chilled on the 50 yd line, slam hammered, someone may have mentioned recitational marajuana but my memory is hazy. So, first car we see. THE FIRST FUCKING CAR. It was a cop and he pulled into the lot of the field and I froze. Kyle on the other hand took the fuck off. So in my state of mind I didn’t even take my knee into account and I took off right after him. I sort of blacked out right at that point. No idea why, but as Kyle tells it, I completely raced after him, the spotlight was shining and we went up like a 12 foot fence and I proceeded to fall off the top and land on the pavement below. Safe to say I’ve never felt more collective pain from head to toe than the next morning. 

Oshkosh – September 2016
This one is short because I actually don’t have any recollection of the night. Basically I went to some house parties just pulling from a handle of Fire and when we got back later I finished it and I casually bit one of my best friends Arbie. Not really sure why or what kind of demons were possessing me but yea I thouroughly don’t remember a minute of that night. 
Enjoy the weekend kids. I’ll prolly do a poll for next weeks drink of the week! Stay Hard. 
O’Kane 🤙🏻🤙🏻


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