Phase 1 Complete: I’m still in the running for the Kansas City Chiefs GM job, and I’m definitely in the lead.



Whoever said, “You can’t apply for a position if there’s no application” apparently has never met me.  If you didn’t believe I was a serious or likely candidate for the Kansas City Chiefs GM position, I would like all the sincere apologies directed to @BallsSacksHWood on twitter.  Fortunately, people make mistakes, and I forgive all of you in hopes that you now take the time to support my candidacy for this prestigious job.

Now that “Phase 1: Let the Chiefs know you’re willing to be their GM” has been completed through the eloquent and impressive cover letter and resume, “Phase 2: Wait to be called in for the ‘necessary’ interview” begins.  Once my application soothes the eyes and brains of Owner Clark Knobel Hunt, President Mark Donovan, and Head Coach Andy Reid it should be a matter of seconds before my iPhone 6 buzzes softly and the red 1 notification symbol shows above my mail app.  Then the ball will once again be in my court, where I can have the Chiefs feeding out of the palm of my hand.

But for now, we wait…



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