Fourth of July PSA

Happy Fourth of July everyone. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays that’s celebrates two of my favorite things, day drinking and America. One of the biggest things for people to do is light off fireworks. Fireworks are great! If you’re like me, fireworks are the one thing that turns me into a pyromaniac and they can be a blast (haha dad joke). With all of the positives that fireworks provide, there are some individuals that they effect in a very negative way. Veterans who have served can suffer from different levels of PTSD. Fireworks can be a dangerous trigger for them that can strike fear into even the bravest men and women who have been to war.  

I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t light off fireworks. Never. However, be courteous. If you know vets live in your area and you plan on lighting off fireworks one thing you could do is let them know. There are many ways they can prepare themselves for them and although it may not completely help them, it’s an incredibly nice gesture. Another thing is, don’t be the dickhead who lights off fireworks at 2am. Try and stick to the normal hours. Like 5pm-11pm. 

These men and women have put their lines on the line to keep our great country free and safe. This gesture is the least we can do to ensure their mental health and safety. All of you have an awesome day, thank a vet, drink a beer and light up a grill. Weather looks great so all of you enjoy. 



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