Brett Favre Back to the Pack?

There’s not a doubt in my small, little mind that every Packer fan out there wants this to happen.  What people would give to see Favre in the green and yellow after all these years would be more than what Kim K would give to keep that ass thiccccc throughout her entire life.  The people of Wisconsin love this fuckin guy because he was a bad ass gunslinger who won the state a chip.

Those words being said, I’m not really sure how he fits into the Packers staff or front office presently in 2017.  Ted Thompson, whether some people like it or not, keeps us competitive year in and year out.  I mean hey, he drafted Aaron Rodgers, so I’m not one to say any bad words about that man.  Teddy’s a God as far as I’m concerned.  He had one job, and he did it.  Mike McCarthy’s coaching job isn’t too shabby itself.  He’s an offensive maestro, who continually gets the best out of his players every year as the Pack make playoffs after playoffs.  Favre doesn’t present a better option than either of those two in my mind at either of those two roles.  Most people reading are probably thinking, “Why wouldn’t he just become the quarterbacks coach?”  Well, this is kinda of awkward, but I’m going to go ahead and say it.  Rodgers is better than Favre.  Plus, Rodgers already sat behind Favre for 3 years of his career watching him play.  I don’t really know what Brett could teach him except how to throw more picks because Rodgers chucks and slings it deep better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  In all fairness, I guess Favre could throw Rodgers a tip or two on how to throw rocket balls in attempt to break every receiver on the team’s fingers.

If Favre were to join the Packers anytime soon, it would be in a special consultant or scout type role.  Nobody knows what special consultants do, i.e. Jerry West for the Warriors, so that position really fits any ex-great.  You just throw that label on them, get the publicity, and then win a chip.  Win.  Win.  Win.  I also feel that Brett would be a good scout.  He coached high school football and played in the NFL for 20 years.  He knows what “it” looks like, as well as knows how to relate with up and coming athletes.  He could start in those roles in 2017 and maybe one day work his way up to GM or Head Coach.

Regardless, every Packer fan would love this because Brett Favre is a Packer through and through.  Please Teddy, do it for the team, but more importantly do it for us.



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