The Rockets Couldn’t Care Any Less About Free Agency, Acquire CP3 in a Sign & Trade

The Rockets are literally saying fuck you to every NBA Free Agent and NBA Free Agency as a whole in the summer of ’17.  They managed to get a top 3 free agent in Chris Paul to backtrack on his, previously announced, opt out, so they didn’t have to risk being outbid, overpowered, or lackluster in free agency.  Fuck you July 1st.  However, this is JUST the beginning.  The Rockets are over, they are absolutely done with, any other potential free agent this summer.  They have something else in mind, and they are going all out for it…for him.  PG13.

Chris Paul, James Harden, and Paul George sounds like a nightmare to go against offensively.  Assists and 3 pointers for dayz in D’Antoni’s run and gun offense.  Everyone realizes that though.  In what might be more of night terrors than nightmares, the Rockets defense would undoubtedly improve.  The  loss of All-Defense 1st Team PG Patrick Beverley certainly hurts, but they just replaced the loss with the other backcourt member of the 2017 All-Defense team in CP3.  Paul George, who’s made multiple All-Defense teams would only make the defense that much scarier.  Imagine a Houston Rockets team, that features James Harden, that is equally as strong defensively as it is offensively.  I’m starting to frighten myself now, whew.  However, all that is hypothetical as of right now.

What we do know is, CP3 is going to be a Rocket.  I’ve built up the hype pretty good with the prior paragraph, but with the good, also comes the bad.  First, James Harden is coming off a second place MVP year as the Rockets floor general.  You have to assume Paul will come in and be the primary ball handler because that’s who he’s been all his career.  You can’t have it both ways unless you play like the Warriors.  I think the Rockets are going to have to adopt to a free flowing style of play like that in order to get the most out of the playmaking abilities of each player. Second, Chris Paul is on a one year deal as of right now.  He opted into his player option in order to be dealt.  Obviously, the Rockets weren’t 100% confident he would’ve signed in free agency because they were willing to trade a 1st round pick, an All-Defense player, and a young role player to make sure they acquired Paul.  If I’m the Rockets, I’m signing Paul ASAP to a long term deal because his friend, LeBron becomes a free agent next year.  Maybe one year of trying to win with Harden then becoming a free agent to go try to win one with LeBron is Paul’s plan for the future.  I’m a bit nervous for the Rockets, unless they get George, then I’m excited.

NBA Free Agency is right around the corner, and shit is already going down.  Stay tuned for more.



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